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[SMASH LEGENDS] Let’s meet Loren & Vex in SMASH LEGENDS!​

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Greetings, Smashers!
Let’s meet the new legend [Loren & Vex]!

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  1. Vex attack is similiar to flare basic lol

  2. The Steadfast Tin Soldier and his beloved Ballerina! What an unexpected choice for the next Legend! Merry Christmas, Smash Devs!

  3. man what the hell is that mouth- 💀💀💀 she ain't got no teeth man

  4. As a Cynthia (Edit: Cindy) main Ik I’m gonna love this character those air combos are something else

  5. I can't enter the game, stuck at 50% on the loading screen

  6. Devolvam minha conta que gastei mais de 200 reais.

  7. The first black female legend her N Cindy gonna do very well 😏😏

  8. The best, cutie, beautiful, goddess, queen, most love her very much😭😭😭💞💞💞💞

  9. Is this The Nutcracker? Are we getting Rat king?

  10. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Smashers 🥳🥳

  11. The way she dealt with that Zepetta, oof, seems like she will be quite annoying to deal with when someone knows how to play her.

  12. I hope they add dracula next year in october

  13. el juego ya esta muerto ademas que es pay to win

  14. Ah what a perfect gift to have, merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

  15. She's so beautiful and cute 🥺, I love her design ✨

  16. Nice character, she's definitely going to be on my main roster

  17. Tolong buat agar game nya lebih lama

  18. – Loren = The Brawler
    – And Vex = The Spawner or Turret

    – If Loren Ded then Vex Will Return To his Owner

  19. She looks so cute to be a legend

  20. 여자캐릭터중에가장이쁜듯 ㅠㅠ

  21. Vex is disappointing I thought his gonna be like a stand

  22. I love them but someone needs to nerf vex’s damage or add a time limit on him cus you literally cannot win against them in dominion

  23. i'm from brazil and i don't speak english so you guys who speak english can tell me what loren is saying right now 0:38


  25. Her skill should be spinning around like a top not the jumping attack! And why is she a specialist 😅😂

  26. I fell in love with her Im battling just using her😂😂

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