Season of the Wish FINALE Mission and Cutscene Reaction! | Destiny 2 -

Season of the Wish FINALE Mission and Cutscene Reaction! | Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Finale Cutscene

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  1. Next time could be Final Shape, the Last Expansion

    I will See you for Destiny 3

  2. Hey! I got sponsored! Thanks da- i mean Chibi!

    Have green

  3. Crow upon finally landing in the traveler, β€œI have been falling for TWENTY MINUTES”

  4. For reference, The Vex as a whole are not allied with the Witness, only a faction of them called the Soul Divisive (mainly the vex with moss on them, but not always).

  5. β€œThat’s not how fast Hawkmoon shoots!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Disappointed Cayde didn't say "You know, you never did tell me how you're sister was."

  7. Caused-6: β€œI don’t have to call you prince anymore do I?”
    Good to know he still got his priorities straight

  8. Hands down the best ending cutscene for the last ever season

  9. "It's time for the moment you've all been waiting for…..CHIBI VIDEO!!!!!"

  10. Prince Uldren using Hawk moon as Last Word was funny.

  11. The area in before of the final room is from the GoS Raid

  12. your wayyyyyyy to many comments ruined the cut scene…..Thumbs down

  13. They’re worshipping super black

  14. Pretty thematic that we started Destiny by defeating the Black Heart and now we end with destroying it again before the finale. We’ve come full circle basically

  15. I guess this means Crow can finally do the Vanguard Dare and become the new Hunter Vanguard. Or at least someone can.

  16. Dismantles ship without reading its lore sheet…

  17. i didnt even get the cutscene becouse reasons i guess

  18. I really like the mental image of the Vex building the black heart again like it's some lego game

  19. I liked the nostalgia of destroying vex gates for the first time since Vanilla D1, then I drowned in nostalgia when I saw the Black Heart lol

  20. i watched this live on stream the cutscene is awesome

  21. Hey Chibi, just curious from one content creator to another. What do you have your audio settings at to where you can hear the gameplay and the character audio pretty balanced like just the in game settings

  22. Am I the only one that thinks Cayden should have shot him just once

  23. The sad part is that now that Osiris is mortal, he will eventually die. He still has a long life ahead of him because the Traveler tripled the lifespan of all of humanity, but eventually, Saint will have to say goodbye and live on with his loss… UNLESS THEY BOTH DIE!

  24. Sounded like the traveler was in pain, when the light bursts happend.

  25. The ship you get answers why cayde is alive in lore.

  26. How do you keep throwing your knifes that close to the enemy’s on controller?

  27. Literally did a double take when you said "Osiris gonna die" my guy you can't try to be meta like that lmao

  28. β€œIt’s a boy!” made me laugh so freaking much. Definitely caught me off guardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. Imagine e a fan the hammer exotic armor for hunters

  30. I love the nostalgia of destroying the black heart again.

  31. Actually, Bungie has said that the timeline does corrolate to the real world. So its actually been 10 years since we destroyed the Black Heart…which means that Crow has been in there for months.

  32. wow crow must have pc no ssd, he is being falling for quite some time and just now arrived into the traveler.

  33. Okay I may be high for this by just realized something the ship so you get after this mission the lore in this is crows wish this is how cayde is "live"

  34. 14:05 Cayde asking the real question when finally see another face. awkward. 🀣

  35. Chibi if Osiris dies in Final Shape I'm blaming you. Lol

  36. I like how I wasn't the only one who commented on Crow fanning Hawkmoon

  37. Crow shooting Hawkmoon like it’s The Last Word
    The Last Word: (watching the cutscene) And I took it personally

  38. Am I the only one who can't stand Osiris and his long winded bs?

  39. Chibi is always the lore master. Of course they are after Superblack, how could I have missed that!

  40. I went in with ntte, plug one and swarm

  41. β€œOH GOD THATS A LOT OF ENEMIES!! have this :)”

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