Season 12 VEX Guide - How To Play VEX Mid - Detailed Guide -

Season 12 VEX Guide – How To Play VEX Mid – Detailed Guide

Coach Curtis
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VEX GUIDE // Enjoy fam

00:00 – 01:55 // Intro + Table Of Content + WHY VEX?
01:55 – 03:24 // How Do I Interpret Vex’s Identity?
03:24 – 05:53 // Runes
05:53 – 10:02 // Build + Summoners
10:02 – 11:43 // Vex’s Effectiveness Tied To OTHER Champions
11:43 – 13:33 // Early Wave Management
13:33 – 22:38 // Early Lane Tips With Examples
22:38 – 28:07 // SHARK MINDSET With Examples
28:07 – 34:15 // R Usage Tips With Examples
34:15 – 37:55 // Examples of BIG R Usage Errors
37:55 – 41:45 // Mid Game Tips With Examples
41:45 – 43:00 // Team Fighting
43:00 – 45:14 // Most Common Mistakes
45:14 – 46:30 // Matchup Tier List
46:30 – 52:05 // Important Extra Details With Examples
52:05 – 54:29 // Learning Vex
54:29 – 55:48 // What Games We Are Reviewing
55:48 – 01:02:12 // Vex vs. Zoe Early Lane Review
01:02:12 – 01:12:39 // RJS Vex vs. Viktor Champions Queue Review
01:12:39 – 01:24:18 // Vex vs. Sylas Mid Game Review
01:24:18 – 01:39:06 // Vex vs. Lux Full Game Review
01:39:06 – 02:15:00 // Vex vs. Zed Platinum 1 Coaching Session
02:15:00 – 02:30:11 // Vex Community Q&A





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  1. so you know how sharks go towards blood? you should go toward kills. but like imagine you're a healthy shark (because you don't want to lose health).

  2. Hey, Curtis your guides are amazing! Every guide is so detailed and informative which helps me to learn the style of champs, build, runes, mentality when play the champ etc. What is your opinion about Singed and TF mid right now. In my opinion Singed is good vs late game champs who can't push the wave early and you are free to roam arround but about TF i have no idea. I will be very happy if you give opinion about these champs on mid lane in this season 🙂

  3. Hi! I know this isnt rly video related but I need some help! I was master season 11 and took a little break durning the preseason. So rn im d3. I rly want to work to GM which will need a lot of work. I want to start VOD reviewing. I took a notebook and watched most of my replays till the 15 min mark. I write everything i did the time and if it was wrong or right. Afterwards I search for the exact match up in GM/CHALL elo and review it again till the 15 mark. After that I see the difference between my game and theirs. The problem is that its HELLA time consuming. I have school and its rly hard to get home and do basically more then 1h for 1 game. The laziness also hits me fast. Any tips on how to stick to it and also do I need to VOD review EVERY SINGLE game? Thanks!

  4. Hey Coach, I have had success minimizing and roaming for kills on vex. I sometimes find it hard to translate being fed on vex into victories in gold games. If we have that dive comp, it feels like the win comes easy. If not, I struggle to peel for the teammates that often dash in to int or don't have the mastery to carry the fight. Objective fights tend to go well, but so often they don't occur because of picks prior to the spawn. Its not uncommon for me to be fed and feel helpless.

  5. Amazing Guides as always! Do you feel like those two builds go for Galio now too?

  6. Omg I just found out about your channel 4 days ago and I love your content the mid fundamentals were so useful and the guides even if u don't play some Champs u kinda understand their mentality to counter them …. I cam e back to the game 3 months ago and I am back on my main ahri and ori but I really loved vex's design so this guide is golden … I wish u could do an ahri guide again if possible cuz she got some big changes and I found my self winning a lot of early trades when I wasn't used too … I know it's may because I am gold so they don't punish me but I thin the w change might slightly buffed her laning idk … I wish I xould hear your prospective… continue the amazing work 🤗😍

  7. Hi Coach Curtis! I'd like to know is there any sense to start long sword + pots vs melee champs. I think it would help with last hitting and autoattacks would actually hurt. Because of those things you could hold on to your fear more easily. So if they try to get to melee range they just would not.

    Compared to corrupting potion you would lose sustain after first back and poking with abilities would feel even more lackluster at the beginning. So could it work?

    Great stuff btw!

  8. Hi coach, I usually don't comment, but I just want to express my gratitude for all the content you put on youtube. I was a Shaco otp and switched to mid this preseason. I was terrible at everything in the game apart from playing Shaco, so I had to re-learn the game from scratch. Your videos helped me a lot and I already got to D3. Thank you a lot Coach!

  9. Really good guide, already watched the whole thing and I aprove this message

  10. Yes! The coach is back! Great to see a guide on one of my favourite mid laners! 🔥

  11. I’m sending this video rn for the best BR vex lets see what he thinks xd

  12. I live for these videos, I've read an article some time ago which implied that you can basically learn in your sleep so I always have these on as sort of a podcast. Excited for this one once again and thanks as always for the content coach! ❤

  13. Thank you Coach! I was just thinking about adding her to my champ pool, nice timing.

  14. I’m here!!! So excited for this Vex video, I love my main and can’t wait to hear some complex insights

  15. I was wondering what you were up to, seems it was making a guide on my fav champion

  16. oh my gooood yeeees!

    Thanks for your hard work, mr coach

  17. Hey Coach Curtis!
    Lately I've been theorycrafting over some of the common mage itemization paths, and i have come to the conclusion, that you essentially have too much magic penetration when going sorcs + ludens + shadowflame + void (+ sudden impact, if taken). When full build, plus getting max value out of shadowflame, you'll end up having too much magic penetration, unless the enemy has more than, i think it was about 117, MR. As I feel like this MR number is rarely achieved, i stopped going shadowflame + ludens (unless I am not building ludens/protobelt). Would you say that going for that itemization is still worth it? Maybe there's just something of an identity problem with some items going on in my head. I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts on that. I could imagine that shadowflame has quite decent value statwise, so having redundant magic penetration can be ignored.

    In most of my games (I'd say in 90-95% of my games), I will go void staff and don't go shadowflame at all. I feel like that there are so many MR items, which any role can buy. As an example, oftentimes marksmen buy wit's end early on (vayne, varus, kogmaw, kalista, …) or QSS later in the game when needed. Some others go for hexdrinker/maw. Mages go banshee's, … Thus I stopped going for shadowflame, unless I know that the enemy team (or at least the enemies I should get to target) won't buy any MR. By going void staff instead of shadowflame, i miss out on 35 AP and 200 health, but something tells me that that's a worth tradeoff.

    Could you please share your thoughts on that topic? I hope my calculations are plausible and correct, I wouldn't really want to share wrong information with you. As I've said, maybe I just don't properly get the actual identity of void staff and shadowflame.

    Have a great day, and thanks for the Vex guide!

  18. Ahri or anivia guide next ? 🙂 great stuff man

  19. LETSSSS GOOOOOOO i dont even play mid but learn new stuff from watching him

  20. Stop watch is frickin op, id always buy it every game

  21. Without seeing the video, I know it will be an excellent guide.

  22. Two and a half hours of Coach Curtis?? It's like my favourite movie came out early. Keep up the good work :)))

  23. Your timing is impeccable! I've just started playing Vex and I love her kit and was hoping there was a guide out there somewhere. Then this pops up! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  24. Hey Coach, I just want to say that i really enjoy all your content, thank you so much for your knowledge and especially for doing it for free. Quality and quantity unmatched. Personally i went from middle plat hardstuck for a feel years to d1 almost in my best of 5 just this season and all with your free amazing content! Keep up the marvelous work!! Cheers from Brazil!

  25. love this kind of videos man, always waiting for another one! thanks coach <3

  26. I'm pretty busy right now, but once I can get to it this vid will be getting peeped for sure. You've been putting in WORK with this character in high elo on your server, definitely a lot here to learn 🙂

  27. Once again, thanks curtis for this great guide, just wanted to start vex so this gonna be a huge help as usual =)

  28. Horizon focus should give true sight. Would give it a solid identity as an item. Sick of hitting viego with horizon and he still goes invisible.. Makes the item feel underwhelming.

  29. in a champion pool with vex and akshan which other champion would you include?

  30. Amazing content! A quick Talon guide would be GREATLY appreciated, would absolutely pay for it if possible 🙂

  31. You have the best guides on YouTube, I hope you can stream to <3

  32. Crazy this content is free – this is why I preach Coach Curtis is the best coach out there

  33. Great video! I noticed a lot of similarities between your interpretation of vex and my interpretation of ahri. This is because ahri and vex have similar properties where they can both opt in to a dive/follow up engage style of ulting forward and building damage (this is especially apparent with the ahri mini rework where she gets ult resets), or they can stay back and peel for team with everfrost and their ability to cancel dashes. I really liked the analogy of a shark mentality and think it can apply to ahri as well. As far as I know ahri is a semi counter to LB in high elo due to her being able to cancel LB w in lane. I was wondering about your thoughts on this or if my interpretation of ahri is wrong and I should just be playing vex instead.

  34. Cool guide, I would love if you did a Veigar guide with this style

  35. Yo, just wanna say, I know these guides take a lot of effort and time to make. But they are GOLD when it comes to league knowledge to be able to learn from. Keep it up.

  36. I dont play vex, but its always good check in depth on her gameplay, to know better how to play against her, specially my main being qiyana!
    Thank you for your work and effort!

  37. "I know this Xin Zhao he's a bit of a psycho" LOL poor nathan

  38. Let's hope this guide fix's that 42% win rate vex I have.

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