Saber Caitlyn FACING TYLER1's Pyke support -

Saber Caitlyn FACING TYLER1’s Pyke support

xFSN Saber
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0:00 – you think cait one of the top adcs rn?
0:05 – when to go lethal tempo / fleet on cait?
0:08 – Laning phase & Early game
5:10 – Mid game
7:55 – Late game
9:35 – Outro


  1. do u edit these videos yourself ? also im real happy about the constant uploads 😀

  2. Can someone explain at 0:54 how it looks like he gets w E long range headshot procs?

  3. I def watched Tyler play against your kog earlier and it was like… 2-20. 😂

  4. big fan of early mid lategame chapter tags ty

  5. If you're going to have an ad on your overlay is it possible to put it somewhere other than over the chat box?

  6. Well, I just watched a vid of tyler breaking his keyboard because of a failed remake and he got reduced lp this game. I'm guessing he runs it without watching yet

  7. From the thumbnail, I first thought "T1's support" meant like.. SKT1's support haha

  8. Never seen some cleaner t1 oner Better gameplay

  9. And Tyler1 has a streamer on his side. Or he played without a streamer.

  10. Damn playing against T1 has a higher chance of you winning with all these win traders on his ass lol.

  11. dude the lane vs pyke was the most free lane i've ever seen

  12. What was their Shyvanna doing? It looked like she was just running it down

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