Roblox DOORS OST - Unhinged (Atelz Vex remix) -

Roblox DOORS OST – Unhinged (Atelz Vex remix)

Atelz Vex
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original song by LSPLASH:

Roblox DOORS Horror Game by LSPLASH (LightningSplash):

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song remixed in Caustic 3
video made in Filmora X

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  1. This is the tune for the room 150 demogorgon

  2. average ohio library be like

    no but seriously i love it

  3. Library Hard Mode go brrrrr.
    That aside, really good that I fell off my chair.

  4. This music will play when Seek did not have time to come because he left with the boys to play Minecraft, and Figure decided to replace him

  5. Can't even make a sound in Ohio 💀

  6. Neat Remix Shessh

    Song that plays when figure is the one chasing you with eyes

    :this is a joke:

  7. theme music for me when my cookies fall of my hand cuz someone slapped it off
    another entity concept: (91903) (ability: just like screech but he comes without warning. just observe the sounds_

  8. Thanks! I will use this for a ost for a figure chase on Roblox! Ill send the game in this when you can play it!

  9. -_-Nuttaake?-_- [PIXELATED] Canon Event? says:

    Do you have hammer and sickle ☭

  10. Srry I haven’t been online my router broke
    Nice you did it yay!

  11. yo after getting out the library you will be chased by figure and you have to dodge the furniture so it wont crush you

  12. i dont play doors a lot but darn this music is… insane… keep up with the amazing work!

  13. 1:05 I do believe I hear Seek's chase leitmotif in the background here?

    Love this little inclusion!

  14. I listen this everyday😊😊

  15. I'm Working a Playlist Of doors theme and I'm gonna put your all remixes and others people remixes man my hand gonna burn holy crap still working on it putting on a all notifications to your channel 😉 and the mashups all your doors music

  16. It’s nice hearing my favorite doors song remixed

  17. AGlitchedHuman OnTheInternet (GlitchyRed) says:


  18. i love it without the figure noise (please upload a new one without it)

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