Roblox DOORS OST - Jeff's Jingle (Atelz Vex remix) -

Roblox DOORS OST – Jeff’s Jingle (Atelz Vex remix)

Atelz Vex
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Temmie …?

Background art by realAtelzVex on DeviantArt (me):

original song by LSPLASH:

Roblox DOORS Horror Game by LSPLASH (LightningSplash):

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song remixed in Caustic 3
video made in Filmora X

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  1. Would you like to buy; AK-47 for; (3) gold?
    Edit: Sub to Atlez Vex for this offer, maybe 4 free if you do!

  2. i wanted to ask if people can use this song for roblox games or background music for videos, because for a lot of people thats the case.

  3. Jeff hearing this be like: OMG i luv this thank you i will always help you in your journey here!!

  4. Looks like songs from 2100s

    Anyways, Cool Remix 🙂

  5. this is fire
    should i use this in my game?
    its so good that i wanna use it in my game!! even doe it not famous!

  6. is a good job for make the song

  7. BRO OKG I FOUND THE DRIP REMIX,like bro I searched up-jeffs jingle drip remix and found this

  8. you're music is so cool ima like and sub too!

  9. fun fact: this video has no dislikes i have return dislike extension

  10. Hey Jeff when did you get an amazing high power ,düd

  11. If Jeff and the homies going to be present in Floor 2 (they better be), I want this to be the theme song

  12. Im a using song in speaker to….. 🎉🄿🄰🅁🅃🅈🎈

  13. You should have 1 million subscribers because this remix

  14. No wonder why Jeff always reminds me of Temmie…

    After all, they both are one of the few friendly monsters in a world that monsters arent so friendly. (I mean undertale has a lot friendly monsters but still, more than a half of the people you see just attacks you straight). And when you look at it, their shops actually look like each other. You can make them both go to college by tipping them. Now let's talk about my thoughts about them.

    I love Temmie shop because its a cute little secret area with cute people in it, and a shop where you can actually buy pretty good items, it just feels good to be there and prepare yourself for the rest of the game.

    About Jeff, I also love that place. It comes right after library wich actually means the place can be used for an actual hotel. And being the only place that has friendly monsters chilling, game lets you take a little break, do some shopping and get loot so it can be easier for the rest of the game.

  15. 🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  16. bro's selling 3 items. still gottz love 'em tho

  17. wow this is great hope jeff goes to collage!

  18. jeffs shop music when he revives bob after doctor college

  19. They should put this song in Jeff's shop but the chances are 1/200

  20. could you make a dream od peace remix? a lofi one if possible. maybe slowed and reverbed? i haven't seen any of those mixes or that song yet. i bet you'd make it ten times better even if it sounded almost the exact same.

  21. imagine if Jeff has a resturant and this is what the music sounds now that would be insane

  22. If possible, can I use your music for a Doors Floor 2 game?

  23. if i put this music in jeffs shop everyone will be crazy even bob

  24. I’m in love with this remix. This deserves so much love!

  25. I should call it “Jeff’s College Time”

  26. Jeff deserves all this man! He is everybody favourite entity, Jeffrey!

  27. Pov: Jeff threw a party with figure from door 49 to 52

  28. yoo I love your art style so much
    This remix is also really good
    Good job
    yes ik im late

  29. Can I use this one for my new lobby sound in roblox 😀

  30. POV: Jeff gose to college bc of players tipping him

    Edit: everytime I go to Jeff shop I fill Jeff’s jar with coins XD

  31. bro this is how i found you and holy shit i checked your channel your musicz are absolute bangers

    sorry for swer

  32. This should be a theme where Jeff graduated college and now sells his items for free


  34. The theme of Jeff’s jingle in Floor 2 and seeing Jeff's restaurant

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