Roblox DOORS OST - Here I Come (Atelz Vex' HAPPY remix) -

Roblox DOORS OST – Here I Come (Atelz Vex’ HAPPY remix)

Atelz Vex
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Happy running music

Background art by Atelz Vex (me):

Thumbnail by Kirby Green:

Roblox DOORS Horror Game by LSPLASH (LightningSplash) and RediblesQW:

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song made in Caustic 3
video made in Filmora X

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  1. Nice video man!!! 🎉🎉🎉 also love the remix it really makes it sound like if doors was not a horror game!!!

  2. Why does it sound like a DOORS credits song, is it just me or does anyone else think that?

  3. When the doors fandom is normal for 1 year.

  4. Seek is My Favorite Doors Monster

  5. pov: you are playing hide and seek with seek

  6. Such a vibe! Keep going man! I see a very bright future of you becoming a music artist with 10k + subs!

  7. Man, the idea of make a song but in a happy way it's very original!

  8. Make the Elevator's Dawn REMIX of Floor 2

  9. seek be like:yo sup wanna listen to this music

  10. this is amazing, i love everything you do honestly, i started creating music for my doors game and im confident enough to post it on my channel all because of you. You were my only inspiration with your amazing music, thank you for that and keep making bangers like this

  11. can I use this for literally anything if I give credits?

  12. LOL, now this is something nobody would ever have been able to witness! Thanks for showing us the light! 😍💡

  13. When seek is gonna be in all of the floors as the chase sence:

  14. ah yes the music seek listens to on his morning run 😀

  15. Seeks lil bro got a chance. And was nice by giving them a free win! Ur probably working hard on door 101 so I'll stop asking. Good luck my bro!

  16. seek be lookin like he enjoys life fo once and again, thanks for your music. – the eeveelution family.

  17. Hey i think u should make a song with lyrics?
    Idk but cool

  18. sorry i missed some vids cuz my grandpa died but…. MEOW👍

  19. If doors ever gets a peaceful mode this should be the soundtrack with seek

  20. I'm playing this music while I'm running.

  21. So good! You deserve 1 million subscribers 😀

  22. Ngl this should be the ending sound track when they don't do anymore chapters and the game is actually over like chapter 5 you beaten the game and its the end anyways this is a really good soundtrack

  23. This is seek dancing cuz all the nekos finally died

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