Riot HOTFIXED VEX, can she still CARRY despite being NERFED? | Challenger Vex - League of Legends -

Riot HOTFIXED VEX, can she still CARRY despite being NERFED? | Challenger Vex – League of Legends

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guess I have to wait till next year for a mage

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  1. 8:29 If you didn't tank that turret shot you would walked away alive. Talon did 933 damage and you have 949 health. You went in full HP and had 1 corrupting pot, yet, you tanked a turret shot for 171 which ultimately enden with you dying.


  3. like why do they nerf her early game in form of basestats when the champ is bursting me for nearly 3k dmg in a second when the game gets to 3 items.

  4. As long as her winrate isn't as low as Akshan's was we won't see any big buffs.

  5. Noway a top 50 euw challenger, still thinks she's broken and blind picks her

  6. Imagine being reliant on your teammates to be a reason not to play a character in a team-based multiplayer game. Riot really screwed up somewhere along the way.

  7. feels like another lissandra, shes only popular because of the hype but when it does die down, i feel like she'll become the second liss

  8. I personally like her right now. I don't have an issue with the long fear cooldown since you can easily reset your fear on a minion wave with E+Q, and since I build a lot of ability haste anyways I will have those 2 abilities up again really fast. She is more of a spam/poke champ like that to me, and it works out for me.

  9. I find it funny that pekin doesn’t know that fiddlesticks has a point and click fear even if his passive fear doesn’t go off in his ult

  10. I got fed as vex playing with my friend and when I said damn I’m doing good he just said no she’s broken, like????? Ofc she’s broken if I’m going 16/2/7

  11. Vex is a lot stronger vs talon then the others you mentioned his lvl 2 spike vs ori for example ori would loose all in. I think vex is strong but as any champ has loosing and winning lanes. Maybe the hotfix nerf was a bit much but her kit is really strong

  12. I hear a squeaking sound when I watch your videos. Do you have a dog or birb perhaps, or is it just your chair moaning over your weight? 😛

  13. Vex has a problem that if she doesnt get fed enough he just cant do anything since shes so squishy unless she one shots them which she cant if shes not fed enough

  14. She's terrible.
    She's weak and predicable in lane. She has VERY little outplay potential with no early dashes, CC you can time if you are paying attention, poor self-defense (just a small shield), and zero utility.
    She's not a control mage, she's not a burst mage, she's not an assassin, she's not a DPS mage; she has aspects of ALL of those kits without having an actual theme. She can kinda-burst, but she has to dash in like an assassin to do so. She can kinda-CC, but she has to build it up with abilities first.
    She's just weird and not very effective. She's one of those champs that sometimes does well despite itself, but usually is just awful.

  15. High elo korea is taking electrocute and starting e. It allows you to get her passive back quickly cause it marks everythijg it hits.

  16. I think the main problem I have with this champion is that her only form of cc is on a high cool-down and you do not get to choose when it goes off. For example, imagine Alistar just went in on an Ezreal, but the entire enemy team is on the way to help him. With any other champion, you would have to use your burst abilities on the Ezreal, then chain cc your own ability after Alistar's to secure the kill if you burst wasn't enough or use it on the enemy team to try and get away after killing Ezreal. You can't do that with this champion. You either burst the Ezreal, which is kinda hard because of her crappy ratios, or you save your fear to get away from the enemy team. Also, how are you even supposed to build her? I kind of feel she needs a mordekaiser/swain type of build so she can be an ap bruiser, but liandrys also helps with the creep clears. IDK, i'm just not gonna ever play her. I just bought her so I can have all champs and trade if someone ever needs first pick.

  17. Stop building her with Echo and start using Liandry.

  18. She’s gonna be played as support, calling it now

  19. That makes sense.
    Depressive ppl aren't strong, so this champ shouldn't be either :^]

  20. Vex is a champ MADE FOR ME! I adore her with every ounce of my being!

  21. yea i dont really understand the nerf, she didnt feel op er anything. Riot-Activision at it again

  22. Even after the nerf she feels broken to me, maybe i'll play some more games on her but damage is silly fear still broken

  23. so the tower lives and all you needed was a couple shots. you wouldn't get ganked. why wouldn't you secure the tower?

  24. i started thinking of stop playing lol after riot made the new items since they are buffing all ad champs vs ap … so i give the game a chance and started playing vi my S5 champ … and that did not work for me at all …. then j4 … but then i saw the emo king and his ult and BUGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and told my self … if the new champ get a reset on his ult … i am quiting …. the funy part is i stoped playing the game before this emo queen coming up… and now i understand that this game is shit and i am thanking god and my luck for not buying any skins after the candy eve skin … and i did not remove the game from my pc … to keep it a reminder for me to never buy somethings like skins from games that won't support a solo player experiance .
    + dealing with my old boss is easyer than dealing with the "humans" in this game.

  25. You got feared bc he used his q, which is a point and click fear. you can see in the death recap that he used it too

  26. you have such a soothing voice. Thanks for playing!

  27. I wonder if it's worth it to E the raptors camp from lane, then Q them to get 50-60% of your passive cd back? You get a lot of your passive cd back; but E is a relatively high cd, so it sucks not having it up.

  28. Thank you! She's trash! So underwhelming. No mobility and has to be extremely fed to actually kill people. Otherwise you sit around waiting for your cd's looking like a doof.

  29. I just don’t understand why we gotta have a reset on every new champeon

  30. I personally see Vex as a champ design that fits old League where most champions would not 2 shot you and have insane mobility, freaky items and abilities, she's really simple. Her damage is also a bit oldschool, she doesn't really delete anyone unless she's fed and her powerspike is on 2nd item which is a bit late. She's rly fun and can do some awesome things i really like this design style and i wish most champions would be like this.

  31. Cant let the mage be too strong! Even though she was made to counter assassins lol.

  32. I've been playing Vex support and have been seeing quite a bit of success with her. She synergizes well within ADCs like Jhin, Samira, and Aphelios, and is a nice counter for hard engage supports.

  33. pekin u be tweakin on adderall in this vid xd

  34. I've honestly just been playing AD Vex and Yuumi in all lanes with PTA runes. because it's high damage in early game and long ranged. like being vayne but not.

  35. honestly the hotfix wasnt that big of a deal its justt 20 dmg late game from her passive and 20 dmg lvl 5 from her q

  36. Her win rate is almost identical in plat + to what it is in all other ranks, she's actually fairly balanced but still a little on the weak side. If she's needing a buff it needs to be something extremely small.

  37. wow I remember when you barely had any subs! how the tables have turned!!!

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