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  1. I never noticed but reading chat is a wild adventure

  2. Thank you Drututt for using Akshan's passive to revive me and finally I can get a daily dose of happiness from your video

  3. Ty Druttut for using Vex Passive (Doom ‘n Gloom
    Doom – Periodically, Vex becomes empowered by Doom, causing her next basic ability to interrupt dashes and Fear enemies.
    Gloom – Whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blinks, they become marked with Gloom. Vex’s next basic attack against a marked enemy detonates the mark, dealing bonus damage and refunding part of Doom's cooldown.) to fear away the monsters under my bed!

  4. If Druttut says PROBLEM?? this video my life will be complete

  5. Thank you Dr. Uttut for killing Mao Zedong with Ahkshan and reviving 80+ million people, Truly a Challenger IRL.

  6. Thank you Dr. Uttut, thanks you to the very real Jacula came to my house and said RECAST: يلحق Jax ضررًا جسديًا لجميع الأعداء القريبين ، ويزيد بنسبة 20٪ لكل هجوم يتم تفاديه ، وزيادة تصل إلى 100٪ ، ويصعقهم الصاعقة لمدة ثانية واحدة.

  7. What is wrong with this comment section

  8. Chat even more deplorable than usual this game

  9. Hi Druttut, do you ever build Guinsoo on Akshan, if yes in what situations?

  10. Fair mathmaking, one team has Hylissasng and Rekkles, while the other has a bot lane where Caitlyn has half the CS in a winning match up.

  11. They smurfed bot lane but not the whole game.

  12. Is Drututt the best season 2021 champions player? Best akshan, viego, Gwen, vex, Samira?

  13. "Why does Riot release champions with better base-skin?" My take: art takes inspiration, and release schedule may not wait for Riot artists to get good secondary ideas, since the main effort is to get a coherent new champion in.

  14. when i saw the thumbnail i already knew that it's gonna be a banger

  15. ACTIVE: Tryndamere bursts in overwhelming rage, instantly gaining fury and a minimum health threshold for 5 seconds.
    Undying Rage can be used while affected by cast-inhibiting crowd control.

  16. I Thank you Doctor Ututt with all my heart, he is the most caring and loving man on the entire planet, he help me study for exams at 2:00 am and then makes love to my lonely mother thank you drututt 😀

  17. Doctor, you utilizing Vex’s kit to interrupt me dashing out of a window was awesome! I mean, whatever…

  18. Ty Druttut for showing us the reality about pro and normie players and for using your Vex passive to scare the trolls in my ranked games

  19. Thank you druttut for teaching me how to use personal space my dad can't beat me thru the shield now

  20. Thx Druddut for your amazing content its been very intertaining to watch you and a I realy enjoy stopping by your streams when im not busy with life 💜

  21. lol Talon one rotation-ing a tank Poppy, totally balanced champ.

  22. Chad Druttut playing Vex vs Beta Male playing Sylas

  23. ty druttut for this amazing video
    there are worms under your skin rip it off
    there are worms under your skin rip it off
    there are worms under your skin rip it off
    there are worms under your skin rip it off

  24. Thx drut for using vex R to follow the thief that stole my pc so i can play league and fall in despair again, truly a sigma move by you

  25. Active: Jax enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for up to 2 seconds, causing all basic attacks against him to miss. Jax also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities. After 1 second, Jax can reactivate to end it immediately.

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