Rank 1 World Vex shows you how to lane (PENTAKILL) - oramagamestudios.com

Rank 1 World Vex shows you how to lane (PENTAKILL)

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How to lane as Vex into Orianna :3

Vex Written Guide


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  1. Great commentaries !!! Gold ! well ok MASTER !! >.>

  2. bro is literally how i imagine a main Vex player

  3. Wait. No fkn way did i play against you earlier today??? Are you in EUW? Cause i playes someone called UwU OwO Rawr X3 in EUW earlier today

  4. Just discovered I like Vex a lot, did surprisingly well with her my first game. This vid definitely will help me approach the next one much more intelligently

  5. Just won my first ranked Vex game all thanks to you king <3

  6. Wish my vex was that clean, any tips to get better at the first 6 levels , i find it rough to estimate when I can go next/in front of my wave and poke and when to fish for q+e from a far. I know the basics if they have CD on their stuff I can go and poke etc. But e.g a viktor even outpokes me in the first 3-4 lvls most of the time (play elo)

  7. King, I'm still learning to walk at people with the confident that you do, I'm so scared LOL

    Also: "lol?"

  8. This vex content is exactly what I’ve been needing!

  9. lol? i feel such a strange sense of deja vu watching this video after having seen this match on your livestream. still watched anyway because i have a lot to learn. thank you zi for your great videos! cheers!

  10. Apologies if I missed it but what are your runes other than Electrocute? I am using Electrocute->Cheap Shot->Eyeball Collection->Ultimate Hunter and the Magical Footwear -> Biscuit Delivery / Attack Speed – Adaptive Force – Magic Resist. I have wondered about going comet since an E fear lets you land the Arcane Comet in sorc tree, giving you manaflow band and transcendence

    I play her as support but still just build as I do mid, me and my duo go for a burst comp to kill after landing 1 fear if they are at 50% hp or lower.

    I start support item – rush Luden's Echo -> Magic Pen Boots -> Horizon Focus

    Is that ok?

  11. HI, could you please tell me why you go luden when all the challenger people are going everfrost? I was just wondering because i tried Ludens and i seemed to be getting snowballs off a lot more consistently, so i think its better than everfrost also

  12. i found this channel only now, i became a vex one trick but im still learning and this is epic

  13. 8:55 Orianna killed both minions just as you were going in before the rest of the wave.

  14. i started recently maining vex because of her character design and ur gameplay is so smooth. Thats impressive

  15. these video's always help me out a ton, i play with a lot better people because of my high level friends, so thank you for making this vid <3

  16. Okay but can we appreciate how nice this guy is to listen to?

  17. Nice champ really , cuz im a mental break down zed otp at this point and vex is a nice champ to rebound im tryin to learn her and she is not difficult at all

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