PRO players are using this VEX SUPPORT BUILD to win games faster than ever... -

PRO players are using this VEX SUPPORT BUILD to win games faster than ever…

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Season 12 Vex Support Build

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  1. 0_0 What is the build though? 14min game and only saw the Mythic.

  2. It was "If u want brand play mid" .. Now its "if u want vex play mid" … people cant just get carried and shut up

  3. I spam Vex in my games because of the damage in lane. It’s insane!! (Though I usually play with a buddy who runs mid lane champs so we can absolutely one shot the bot lane)

  4. Thanks for all the great videos Ioki. Can we get a Diana Support video XD?

  5. Giving early kills before the game really starts is a good way to make a team overconfident. Case and point, this game.

  6. On turning auto attack off on support:
    I leave it on for one big reason. You can walk into a bush close to the wave and stop inputting a move command and ONLY if the bush is warded will you auto the wave. Super easy way to know without needing to sweep.
    You can easily get used to using stop commands when standing still, even before that bush auto goes off so you don't push or mess up a minion.
    When it comes to dives giving you aggro, you should always be inputting movement during dives OR attack move clicking if you want to attack.
    Also have a toggle for champion only so you don't auto tower if you're trying to hit them so you don't auto tower and miss a kill or waste attack animation time standing in place.

  7. I have never. In all my years of playing LoL. Seen a game end pre-15 minutes.

  8. yo ioki could you do a rell game or play birdio w/ the new items

  9. When vex first came out I used her as support and people became so pressed by it. A couple of popular streamers and Koreans use it and people want to flock and use it. I swear the league community is something else. It takes someone else to use something for them to try it.

  10. More vex play! so fun to watch you play vex.

  11. Even When i win the game i always get flamed for support vex …. same way i was getting flamed when i played brand supp in previous seasons ….

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