Priming a Miniature with an Airbrush (Quick How to) -

Priming a Miniature with an Airbrush (Quick How to)

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Learn how to prime a miniature for painting, using an airbrush! In this quick guide, I demonstrate the process using Vallejo Surface Primer, thinned with water, and applied using the Reaper Vex Pro Series airbrush. Our model of choice for this tutorial is a Necron from Warhammer 40k.

See the full tutorial:

Vallejo Surface Primer of choice:
Reaper Vex Airbrush:

Whether you’re new to airbrushing or just want to refine your technique, this tutorial offers specific insights to achieve an even and smooth base layer for your painting projects. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more detailed tutorials in the world of miniature painting. #MiniaturePainting #Airbrushing #Warhammer40k

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  1. What PSI? When I thin primer it always seems to end up going into the recesses and doesn't give an even coat.

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