Preseason 13 is finally HERE! Jungle Pets + New Smites -

Preseason 13 is finally HERE! Jungle Pets + New Smites

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  1. Next season for sure, NB3 will get to Challenger for this change~ >_< It is like the old jungle days on League where Purple smite exist!

  2. I admit it I love how you edit the videos, greetings

  3. Does the new red smite do your max health in damage or the enemies max health in damage?

  4. love the videos- funny edits as i always remembered (;

  5. Ah yes Spirit of the Elder Lizard we meet again

  6. Where's the old editor? that edits the good meme videos

  7. At first, i thought this's a another game ads banner :))))

  8. Riot pulled the animal therapy card for junglers😂

  9. Cant wait for Mobile Legends to copy this

  10. Jungle players are so lonely that even Riot themselves decided to add a emotional support pet.

  11. I’m a huge fan of the editing you’ve been doing 😂😂, 10/10 award worthy memeage

  12. Plz try 2 other pets from you new videos?

  13. Finally a teammate that cooperates. Jungle Pets!

  14. I actually laughed loud thanks to the great edit xD

  15. You get a like from me because I didn't expect the moist critical line out of no where. Good job, love the vids.

  16. He's back with his corny jokes. Ironically, we missed it

  17. The new jungle pets seem interesting; I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about the other two.

    Thanks for the video.

  18. Jungle pets are Riots way of apologizing for getting rid of Sated Devourer, I’ll never forget our little purple friend

  19. Nb3 be popping off nowadays
    The algorithm is with you homie

  20. Really miss the toxic NB3, but if it's your choice to be a gentle man, I respect that and always be your fan.

  21. Pantsareyoutube? Pantsarepbe…? Pants are dragon? Dont think that was actually pants on kass, but I could be wrong.

  22. I did like for the musik and the aqua in the outro

  23. The pets are awesome but man your lee Sun is clean as hell

  24. Loving the content, glad to have you back <3

  25. Jesus jungle lane is getting shit on so bad Riot had to add a Emotional Support Pokemon

  26. Actually it looks like fun! That's highly unexpected

  27. So we basically got the old jg item enchantments back? K lmao 😊

  28. I don't have ADHD but this pet following you and taking random path stresses me so much I can't focus during fights

  29. Πέτρος Εμμανουηλίδης says:

    Ah man its so good having nb3 back😭

  30. Blue is for the one who needs to gang like warwick or hecarim
    Green is for tanks who are in the wrontlines like sejuany or jarvan
    And red is for agrassive chaps like lee or kindred

  31. Why people don't press shift to show the details of the new jng pet stats that they give? It is driving me nuts 😀

  32. NightBLUE didnt pick BLUE pet, instant unfollow ggwp

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