Preorder the VEX IQ Pneumatics Kit NOW on #vex #vexiq #stem #vexrobotics #shorts -

Preorder the VEX IQ Pneumatics Kit NOW on #vex #vexiq #stem #vexrobotics #shorts

VEX Robotics
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Pneumatics deliver fast and powerful linear motion that is useful in a variety of applications. Use pneumatics to power your robot’s claw, intake deployment, or any mechanism that requires quick motion. In particular, pneumatics are useful in applications requiring only two positions.


  1. I can’t wait!! And is that a new set of wheels???

  2. I cannot wait to use these on my robot next season!!!!

  3. They really put a differential drive on this robot lol

  4. IQ is a little more simple than V5 when it comes to complexity

  5. Cool kit, it would definitely help on full volume!

  6. does anyone know what vex is using for the front 2 wheels of the robot?

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