Pound V - Vex Kasrani (Mr. Game & Watch) Vs. MVD (Snake) - Pools Round 2 - SSBB - oramagamestudios.com

Pound V – Vex Kasrani (Mr. Game & Watch) Vs. MVD (Snake) – Pools Round 2 – SSBB

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  1. Earlier today I was watching Project M vids from Pound V. Now I open this one and I'm like "why are they playing so slow?" Yeah…

  2. @A2ZOMG yet its strangely still ten times better than yours.

  3. @shadow1pj That's not the point. The point is Vex's G&W sucks. And MVD should feel bad for playing badly.

  4. Lol A2Z. I don't think vex played the match-up that well, it's just that MVD had no idea what to do. Why was he recovering low?!

  5. @doktadope I treat everyone this way. Deal with it. I'm very indiscriminate.

    If you feel the need to hype a match that features poor level of play, I pity you. I'm merely stating what I see. Neither Vex or MVD know the matchup, and MVD essentially played like a noob and deserved to lose for extremely bad decisions.

    If anyone else was playing this matchup like this, I would be saying the exact same things to them.

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