Popping off with Vex while being threatened to upload this to youtube | Ft. Loulo, Quantum, IMT Joey - oramagamestudios.com

Popping off with Vex while being threatened to upload this to youtube | Ft. Loulo, Quantum, IMT Joey

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Me & Lourlo (Akshan) vs Quantum (Veigar) & Joey (Pyke) while we are all in discord together

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  1. pekin: how dare you embarrass me in front of a lot of people
    also pekin: proceeds to mouseover ign of yone

  2. Watching Pekin have fun like this makes me so happy

  3. Seriously just post your twitch vods cut up, we would all enjoy them even if they arent the "educational content" you wanna put on this channel, they are still fun to watch

  4. everfrost seemed pretty good on vex this game

  5. sodapoppin looks like the love child of pekinwoof and ludwig

  6. Pekin you look so cute playing with friends

  7. I LOVE this video… Too many streamers are too focused on winning rather than fun with friends. Please bring more fun with friends

  8. These videos are very enjoyable, maybe you could make a channel for content like this!

  9. just started playing league you’re the first league youtuber i watched

  10. Yone can be so dumb, i will have my mythic and he will just have boots and still its like a skill match.

  11. your normal content is really good, but this style is a nice addition to your channel. good to see you having so much fun with the game and everyone in chat. Thanks for making some good content, keep up the great work.

  12. 12:30 what a smart move from ennemy team ^^ , im sure they are tilted after this , GG tho

  13. Everyone's already sayin it, but we really mean it when we say we absolutely love this kinda content from you alongside your educational videos. However, if you feel it'll be too much of a diversion from your normal content, we wouldn't mind if you post it on your highlights channel or make another (but anyone whose done yt at all – little or not already know how tedious multiple channels can be since you might end up feeling like you have to post over there), but we would really love to see more of this from you. Especially since some of us can barely catch your streams. Hope to see more of this and look forward to your next video, Pekin <3

  14. that feeling when people in perkins discord call talk to us more than pekin does himself Sadge

  15. it baffles me that a yone can play this bad and still make it close, at least early game. Just a handful less mistakes and the lane could have gone the complete opposite way, and he made so many mistakes in what’s supposed to be a counterpick matchup.

  16. Really really love this content Mr. Pekin 🙂

  17. Best video uve ever uploaded ♡ U and quantum are my absolute favourite utubers(love joey and lo as well)♡♡♡

  18. Pleaseplease upload more like this, either on a different channel or this, it ia just too good not to

  19. Good game , would you mind sharing vex gameplay against hard champs ? It doesnt have to be popping off but i want to see how you deal with hard matchups for vex ? Thank you

  20. This game was so funny! i really think u should upload more stream games! keep it up!

  21. Something about people playing against each other but having fun in voice chat together just makes such fun content. Botlane bonding ftw

  22. I'm gay, and even I don't talk about nut like some straight guys. Like, damn brother…

  23. Man I can't remember a YouTube video making me genuinely laugh so many times! Awesome vid man

  24. Favorite vid on the channel not even close

  25. Lmao, those 2 were having a whole bromance about juice and Pekin was 3rd wheeling.

  26. I've heard lissandra is pretty good this season and I'm trying to learn her, any tips? will you ever upload a vid playing her?

  27. Wow, even in challenger the wind twins have a negative kda powerspike

  28. 2:56 literally me as an adc with my support duo lmfao

    "Block this for me, no fk you just dodge it"

  29. Been watching you and quantum for the past couple years. This is my favorite league content so far. You smurfed humbly and featured some fun friends. May you experience great growth this 2022

  30. You always love to see some stream games from time to time <3

  31. Looking good, did you just smile more in this game or did you get your teeth polished?

  32. Your should post more games like this one it was great loved the voice chat randomness.


  34. Yo @PekinWoof , I don’t know if you will answer this but why everfrost this game and not Ludens? Genuinely wondering as I wanna understand the reasoning from a great macro player’s POV so I can get better myself and know when and why to build certain mythics.
    Great video man!

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