Playing Vehicle Legends Again in 2022 (Roblox) -

Playing Vehicle Legends Again in 2022 (Roblox)

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  1. i buy ur merch love the merch man keep playing v legends

  2. imo Vehicle legends is like the quantity version of driving empire. Vehicle legends have planes

  3. Matrix I love you I love your video I love you of the biggest YouTuber

  4. Nice to see vehicle legends again on your channel! I have all the limiteds and am grind for the boost truck by races not buying coins.

  5. Matrix you gotta do more greenville they added a ton with the christmas update

  6. yo i sent something in twiter
    Play more Vehicle Legend

  7. the thing that i dont play vehicle legends for 1 year cause when i go max full speed i just some how the car jumped like theres speed bumps

  8. so i play drriving empire more than vehicle so not the best for me

  9. U must play it more its boring needing to watch all ur old vids

  10. Egg hunt event Halloween event and christmas winter map update

  11. The map is boring cause its so small the only fun thing to do is races and u cant really explore like driving empire, he added a different map wich was big and had a looping highway with a forrest and stuff but it was too laggy for kids that play on nokia, no one talks cause most of the playerbase are very young kids

  12. The map is too small u cant even explore it cause its just a city and a dessert driving empire had such a big map with no lag and i havent even been everywere

  13. Now its 2023 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. The last vid I watch from you is about the rocket truck

  15. I like when you could switch to the other map

  16. you need to be a dwarf for these cars they are so small

  17. I wish they would bring back all the old cars from the 2020 and remesh them 🙁

  18. i miss the old maps they freaking removed them all and never got readded

  19. the map is totally boring if u played it more than 3 months

  20. I had boost car on an account I forgot the password and I broke the phone with it but I made a new account and i still play it glad your back

  21. The bugatti retro look different but now 2023 its look nice and looks real

  22. I want to kill Aliamugas Blood dripping says:

    This is better than pls donate because yh

  23. you got boost truck iv been grinding to get boost truck for 60 000 000 i got 59 000 000

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