Played the new midlaner Vex and she just never stops dashing LOL -

Played the new midlaner Vex and she just never stops dashing LOL

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Art by: Riot Games
🏝️Song List🏝️
Symphogear – Tomorrow’s Victory Song
Persona 5 – Sunset Bridge
Super Robot Wars V – Enter Skull Heart
Fire Emblem Three Houses – Conquest(Ablaze)
Fire Emblem Three Houses – Fodlan Winds
Bravely Default 2 – Holograd Army Boss
Gravity Rush 2 – Raven’s Theme
Played Vex for the first time today and it was tons of fun 😀 if I ever get auto-filled I’m definitely going to play her mid again.
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  1. Oh shit we in for a ride boys XDDD seems like another 100 years experience champ is gonna hit the rift XDDD

  2. It’s not even slowly dying anymore, they accelerating the down cline with these reset champs.

  3. vex = kaisa, reksai, and warwick mixed together

  4. true reset like Master Yi, not an execute R

  5. this champ reminds me of a champion from moba legends.

  6. the question is if she can fear a zoe mid-ult with her passive

  7. this is broken. cant wait to buy and with rp and play her and main her

  8. They will nerf the e shield, its like the adc item but with 8 seconds cooldown and can deal dmg

  9. him: use your r to set up your ability, bla bla
    also him next few sec: use it to clear waves

  10. wait, think about this. Enemy toplaner picks fiora, and you counterpick her with vex. absolutely horrendous

  11. I need w.e riot was smoking while making this trash can

  12. Ah yes, Fiddlesticks 2, just this time the champ has dashes

  13. So this is just a better fiddle stick? Got it.

  14. and people were saying they are glad Vex is one of the few balanced champs that have come out recently.

  15. A lot of people say Vex is a lot better than the previously released champions but she can literally ult offscreen, dash over to you, use her shield to fear you, then throw q at you and you WILL die before being able to do anything. Her kit is simple but it's so fucking strong that playing against her is just a horrendous experience since any dash character will just be blasted back and any ranged character will almost always get outpoked by her Q + E and block a shit ton of damage with her W. She's an anti-engage with some of the longest-range, strongest engages out there and that is just wrong.

  16. "Every silver lining has a dark cloud" god I'm loving Vex more and more.

  17. After looking at her AP ratios… how tf is her q doing that much damage around 7 to 8 minutes in? I'm so confused.

  18. Bro just imagine getting a Duskblade reset chain with her, you could still go full AP and have it much like AD assassins used to take Zhonyas

  19. vex vs veigar which mage yordle will one shot first XD

  20. Love your vids bro youre always good vibes 🙂

  21. amazing gameplay + fe3h soundtrack? = epic montage

  22. Actually balance champion with well-design abilities, good job Rito your 200+ years of experience did it good once.

  23. Ok the ult reset is broken, otherwise she looks fine

  24. i just have to say that i like vex because she's not to broken in the kit and my only problem with her is that her mana costs are to low like xerath had more mana cost than her so xerath will be worse because vex does what he does but less mana other than her mana costs i like her

  25. The skill outline for this champion is straight up a wang.

  26. Imma build tank with her lesgo. Time to drop to plat

  27. You know who else does too much?
    Zed, Akali, Katarina, Talon, Fizz, Qyiana …

  28. yessss more dashes!

    That's what we needed

  29. I love vex but one thing I hate, I dislike champs that get a billion dashes if they have to nerf her I hope they take away her ult reset.

  30. Vex support combos very well with jhin my support now is playing vex and all i know is that this combo is fire we have like 90% wr with this combo fear plus W root plus high damage

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