Patch 6.1 Job Changes: Buffs, Nerfs and Quality of Life | Xeno Reacts to FFXIV Live Letter 70 -

Patch 6.1 Job Changes: Buffs, Nerfs and Quality of Life | Xeno Reacts to FFXIV Live Letter 70

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Xeno reacts to the Final Fantasy XIV Live letter 70 (LXX). In this video Xeno takes a look at the upcoming balance changes for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Patch 6.1. Xeno reacts to all the buffs, nerfs, and other changes Yoshi-P presented during the Live Letter and rants about the Dark Knight change who may cause more problems than it helps.

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  1. Yea that living dead change wont really work for a good number end game tank busters, especially not against an attack like ahk morne. Whats the point if youre continuing to take damage. IF you actually heal equal to your max HP before 10 seconds using normal heals instead of a bene, youre likely to be offed by another attack because you wont have invulnerability and not at max HP when it wears off.

    Yea, you need to get the full 10 seconds regardless if you fully heal it off. Its just needlessly post fatal when none of the other Tanks oh shit button doesnt have this stupid downside. Just flat out remove the "DIE ANYWAY" portion of walking dead and its all good, literally.

  2. if you remove the chances to die, it's not Living "Dead" anymore you know what I mean?

  3. At least you tanks aren't left spamming 11111111111111111111111111111 from levels 1 to 90.

  4. For everyone wondering what changes i have made in the past this is one of many videos i made about it:
    TLDR: Give lifesteal, walking dead lasts full 10 sec regardless of cleanse, add 20% inc healing.

  5. Man I love Elder Asmongold he knows what's going on in 14

  6. Still no extension for my No Mercy 😞

  7. I dislike bolide and tld because i have crazy trust issues. Rather be a warrior to just do it myself.

  8. I guess none of the devs actually play Drk

  9. Xenosys is bald Because he's so smart. His big ole brain pushed the hair follicles right out because it needed more room.

  10. What Living dead should do:
    Same effect of granting Walking dead when taking fatal dmg during the 10s duration

    During Walking dead:
    Keep the HP restore on hit, if you get 100% of your HP before the timer expires, you become immune to all attacks for the remaining Walking dead duration

    Added bonus(not needed): if you are at Full HP during walking dead any and all healing will be converted to barrier healing up to 25% of the targets max HP for 20s, when the barrier breaks or the duration ends it grants the DRK 3000MP

  11. You KNOW they're scared of making living dead the best tank invuln or taking away drk's uniqueness.

    But like….just shorten the time of the invuln to tank standard and let walking dead not cleanse early. Just put the dog down and get it over with

  12. Just give me back Power Slash and i'm good 😂.
    Not sure tho… I mean they have surely thought about that for sure… Like it cleans from death but not the invul. Otherwise it's ultra a$$ and dumb.

  13. Hear me out! What if you got a buff and a debuff from Living Dead. You got doom saying if you don't get healed to full you die. And you get Walking Dead saying you have invuln and self healing for however long.

  14. just gonna appreciate how well xenosys' performance in these videos. So fucking entertaining.

  15. The fix is so simple, just make the both healers die if DRK dies of livingdead LMAO

  16. Removing kaiten is the dumbest sht ever.
    Merge shoha I and II, merge ikishoten ogi namikiri and kaeshi namikiri, and merge iaijutsu and kaeshi…Out of all the 3 things you can do you remove a fully functional ogcd that looks cool with blade spin??????
    For the last one its gonna be fine because you still can use kaeshi right after while hitting same button. If u dont wanna use kaeshi following a normal iai jutsu, just leave it and use other gcd…
    Fuk off

  17. LD is now blood weapon 2, progress ;-;

  18. So glad i stepped away from MMOS. Developers dont know what they are doing and dont listen to those that do.

  19. i knew this shit was coming lol, we will see how good drk is in play, the only way i can imagine this being good would be if the heal per hit is NUTS

  20. As a samurai, I can say the changes are devastating and I will switch to Monk.
    First, the removal of kaiten is a flat out dumbing down of the job since now kenki will be solely used for shinten and won't require any management at all. Secondly, the skill itself was really cool and was deeply seen as a signature move for samurai.
    Thirdly, during our burst, we have 4 midares and 2 ogis, that means 6 GCDs (although it's usually 2 midares, 1 higan, and the 2 ogis in the burst window). That means there is no reason to give the dance partner buff to a sam anymore, and no reason to have a sam at all compared to a Monk which benefits immensly from crit buffs. Sam has reduced synergy with Sch, Drg and Dcn now.
    Lastly, we were able to swap with monk easily. We can't anymore since Monk relies heavily on crits while sam won't need crit anymore, and will require different melds, making the swap much more difficul.

    I am baffled they came out with those changes.

  21. All I really wanted out of DRK was Dark Mind to be a flat damage reduction instead of just magic since after doing some 50/60 dungeon syncs it feels like crap compared to WAR/PLD and then 61-70 felt like torture.

  22. Just because youve been saying something for a decade doesnt mean you know what youre talking about.

    I agree with that other guy, living dead should kill the healer if you dont get healed to full and their salt should cap your hp and shield you for the duration of their crying.

  23. I completely agree with you I’m just happy That they’re trying to do something to fix dark knight even if it isn’t the greatest option

  24. It occurred to me… what if they make these changes to living dead but while on walking dead they put a very nice buff on DRK in which all of their attacks have double potency. Make it feel as if the DRK goes bersker because he knows he is gonna die. I dont want a vulnerability cooldown to work exactly the same to other classes. If that would be the case then put PLD invulnerability on all tanks and call it a day

  25. Xeno, which dark video did you last talk about fixing the living dead? So when yoshi-p watches this he will see your thoughts. Then add them for the upcoming patch. xD

  26. Would it not work to have LD function so that when you’re put to 1, WD is an invincibility like HG for a shorter duration?

  27. Whats up Xeno, long time sub here. Your Content is so funny to me bro, I been folloowing you since 2012 back in the "Man Mode" Days of Warrior lol

  28. I was out of the loop for a while. Did they buff Paladin damage since Endwalker release maybe?

  29. Everyone says Hallowed ground is simple, but nobody can pronounce it…

  30. The wording in Japanese for LD (paraphrasing "so that they can cleanse themselves off Walking Dead") suggests that it's the SIGNIFICANT significant kind. So yeah, should be a lot.

  31. I feel like “I’m bald but I’m smart” is Xeno’s mantra.

  32. 9 of the 11 mins is complaining about living dead just a heads up XD (not saying it isnt justified)

  33. I don't think they thought farther ahead than, lets put a heal on attacks during WD. I never thought I'd say this about having a way to heal on LD but I hope it only heals around 40-50% at most and I hope it restores a flat amount based on GCDs so its easy to control and predict the amount of healing coming.

  34. Appearently they dont want to have all tanks the same skill. What happens if they keep the healing needed but the "invuln" time stays even if you are healed? LD will just become Holmgang but with healing needed. So at this point you can just remove the healing part because its pointless. To make LD and the need of healing actually good DRK should gain a dmg buff as long as he is not healed for 100% HP. If he gets not healed enough he dies as usual but should get an even worse debuff after the rez so his damage drops by like 75%. This would make not healing him still shit in dungeons but still very shit in hard content where dps matters. Removing the dying at all would remove the negative effect of the skill in all content where dps does not matter. The new healing when he attacks should cover maybe 50% of his health so healers have to take care about the other 50%. This is how you would design skills. If you got something what make it worse than skills from other tanks then DRK must gain something for using it.

  35. Let's be honest, SE just didn't believe NIN was hitting enough buttons, so they wanted to make sure they actually used MUG instead of ignoring it….

  36. Simple solution just learn to play the class and you shall be fine!

  37. Everyone knows bigger beard = bigger brain 🧠

  38. I am conflicted about the Samurai changes. As a WAR main this makes my smooth brain happy but as a SAM main this makes my muscle memory sad. Also no spinning blade animation anymore before an attack D:

  39. I think they imagined this “buff” in a vacuum with non-benediction healers. I don’t believe they considered how this would impact the use of LD in different combat situations they created.

  40. I'm sure others have shared this thought for LD, but another thing that could affect the healing is if it's on a cure potency like BW on war and AD on drk. Unless it's just a different color bloodbath, crit heals can make the healing even more inconsistent

  41. maybe the healing effect is on top of what walking dead already have? l don't see it as a nerf.
    and l just read the ability again, the effect fades when you are healed to 100% anyway
    l mean when you use it, it is meant to handle that one hard hit, right? Like the elmo strat from p3s where the boss can hit tank for 970k damage. Once that damage is handle, you just need to be healed to full then you don't need the effect anymore.
    but l do think it needs to have lower cd. This thing is terrible. lt is truly jarring to see this thing got longer cd than holmgang

  42. Just make living dead similarish to holm, cant be dropped below 1hp for x seconds and the walking dead effect can be the life leech without straight up dying at end of timer.

  43. They just need to buff drk we really didn’t eat good for shit in endwalker this was the END of the class

  44. You can ghost searing light even now. So the changes to summoner are probably targeted towards that.

  45. me machinist main, ngl it is happy to see they decide to buff machinist in 6.1

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