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P8S U[time Gorgomanteia 2 (Snakes) | Quick Guide by Xeno FFXIV

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In this video Xeno shows you his strat for Gongomanteia 2 (also knowns as Snakes 2 or Gorgon 2) mechanic from P8S. This is a good strat to learn in prog and to use in PF.

In Depth Guide (with explanation and commentary):
Raid Plan:

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  1. Pf shouldnt do this, way too much movement

  2. wait you can attack the boss without looking at it?

  3. My static's been fixated on Spriggan for about 6 weeks, and we've been walled at Gorgons 2 because of it. I genuinely feel like color pairs are idiot proof (because it's literally Flood Ray, which you already do for P6S and Centaur 1), and the casters can literally just git gud.

  4. To bad PF is ass and wants to keep Spriggan strat.

  5. But like…all the strats give uptime and spriggan is way easier. This just looks like hector with extra steps

  6. Why do people do this? Honest question here: why is this so more popular than static? With all the extra movement required it's basically guaranteed to clip someone in PF.

  7. Strats good but man you gotta remake the toolbox, why is there a swap in slide 2 when you are adjusting to resolve that mechanic later anyway? And why would you make ranged adjust for the final swap in slide 9 instead of melees? Am I missing something?

  8. pf just calls it color snakes, they are both good they are both easily done and they are both easily fucked by dumb people this is not objectively better in any way just do one or the other doesn't matter.

  9. why does he type uptime like that? is it bad to have that word in your title or smth?

  10. The entire fight has full melee uptime, this strat forces casters to move more which can cause downtime.

    Static positions provide both melee and casters with full uptime no?

  11. Like the format, some just need help with specific mechanics not whole fight

  12. static pos is far better than this cause people apparently can't move in and out and look for adjusts/clone cleave at the same time

  13. I wanna add that if you do this fight in PF or a static that's already tired of redoing this, please don't do the uptime thing Xeno is doing. It does work MOST of the time, yes, but every time you attack you do actually turn for a frame. I've had situations where my GCD aligned in a way where that one frame matched the one frame the gaze is coming out and that's a wipe. This is good if you KNOW your gcd does NOT do this or in parse parties where you don't care if you wipe unless it would've been a 99+.

  14. My group tried sprig and like it worked but we found this strat better for all of us. Never fucked it up.

  15. There is also a braindead strat. Everyone has a fixed pos and just stands there and either looks to the add or looks at the boss. No movement or swapping at all. Basically you stand on those little red lahabrea masks on the ground. If you have gaze you look to the add that's next to you. There will only be one either left or right of you. If you don't have gaze you just stand there doing nothing cause your puddle won't hit the add. Far easier for pf

  16. Xeno could I please ask you what is your fav main tank?

  17. Wait…. this isn't the automatic way that people have been doing this? Goddamn PF is so fucking dumb for doing anything but this strat. My static came up with this one when blind progging literally within like 3 times of figuring out the mech. Kind of felt like it was common sense

  18. The title has a [ in Uptime instead of a P lol

  19. Is there a reason why you swap? Seems kinda pointless

  20. Sorry Xeems, but its better to have static positions between the markers for everyone and petrify the snake closest to you. Still fine to do your though.

  21. Static positions is dog shit. We did it this way for week 1 and see no issue with it, casters can sit relatively middle and position accordingly if they have poison first. Then you have like three whole seconds to slide over to re stun the snake. The static spots relies on your team surrounding you to both have precise positioning and also specific aim. This is just an easier strat to implement right away and clear the fight. Be on your merry way.

  22. Isn't this just color partners? Why not just say that?

    A dps and a support get a color and you just swap when it's your turn "limit cut"??

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