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Over Under | First Thoughts! | Vex Robotics

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In this video we talk about some of our first thoughts for this years game Over Under. We talk about what robot ideas could be good, some game strategy, different ways to reach, and more!


  1. Ultra-fast drivetrains would for sure be the meta, 6 motor 600 rpm even

  2. I was thinking 6 motor drive 480 rpm, 1 motor intake/ratchet outtake. 4 bar 14rpm hanging mech with a pneumatic locking clamp to grip the pole rubber banded to help the robot go up.

  3. You can make the same video but in spanish plis , i am not inglish

  4. feels like they've ran out of ideas, the only original ideas would be the acorns and the goal, end game is just a combination of "nothing but net"&"star struck", and match load zone is just the goal from "in the zone" and the bar at the edge that u have to go under kinda feels like "toss up"

  5. I'm thinking a 6 motor drive with an intake and puncher sharing a motor with a 4bar to climb would be meta. It has to be around 400-500rpm for drivetrain

  6. shooter bots are terrible becuase they. an acidently pick up more than 1 triangle ball and when they try to get rid of it, they acidently score making them disqualified

  7. if you have the right team composition you might be able to just leave a robot in a certain spot that can shoot a ball and then the other bot will send it into the goal, or have a push bot that can allow you teat mate to climb on top of your bot allowing for it to gain lot's more points

  8. One kinda sketchy thing is that the acorns are taller then the goal so a pusher might not be optimal

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