Nothing But Net - VEX Robotics -

Nothing But Net – VEX Robotics

Studio McGraw
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This video was recorded in Redmond, Washington in February 2016. Grades 6-12 were represented at the event. In general, students had to design a robot that could pick up foam balls and either drop them into a low goal or shoot them into a high goal for points. Also shown in this video, extra points were awarded to any team in which their robot lifted another robot in the air at a given height. For full details, go here:


  1. If you enjoy #robotics, take a look at some footage I shot recently at a competition in Redmond, Washington. See my summary notes for what the students are trying to accomplish with their #VEX builds.

  2. Where can I buy those frames to build the body?

  3. Please can you tell me how did you build and design The first robot???
    And the Blocks???

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