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NØT丨RAFZ (Legendary) – Loren & Vex – Smash Legends Competitive

Smash Legends Competitive
Views: 3651
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Rank: Legendary
Patch: Loren
Server: South East AsiaSmash Legends Competitive is a channel made for the community, to upload games from different players on the highest rank in the game. Dive into the hilariously unexpected world of skibidi toilets. From the series’ quirky origins to the latest monster-wrestling antics. Immerse yourself in the laughter-filled universe of toilet monsters and cameramen warfare!

To be featured on this channel, send me your games on discord (only Master or Legendary Rank):



  1. Wait platinum rank also will fight higher rank like Master? I thought I just fight own rank. Platinum vs platinum rank player. Ah no wonder sometimes it so hard and easy so random.

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