NorCal VEX Tipping Point RI3D Reveal -

NorCal VEX Tipping Point RI3D Reveal

NorCal VEX
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We proudly present our robot in 3 days for VEX Tipping Point. Hope you enjoy!

Massive thanks to Dublin Robotics Club for hosting this RI3D from July 2 to July 5!

Our robot is capable of holding two mobile goals (mogos) at once and internally scoring rings on any kind of goal (alliance goal, short neutral goal, and tall neutral goal). Best of luck to all teams competing in VEX Tipping Point!

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  1. Imagine making a meta defining bot and all anyone talks about in the comments is the fucking music

  2. Cool video but the song is literally Olivia Rodrigo minus Olivia Rodrigo

  3. pretty cool but literally why did you use the karaoke version lmfao its so awkward to listen to

  4. It was good but I would add some other things. Here is some hopefully helpful feedback from my side to try and improve your robot upon:

    1. The claw/hydraulic press that you use to grab rings seems unreliable and risky. The rings could just fall off.
    2. The robot is just massive, so maybe try decreasing the size (just feels a little to big for good)
    3. Change the damn music.

  5. 40%: 👀
    60%: this song sucks
    0%: (robot-related questions)

  6. Super cool robot and basically the meta! Just a question on how the ring intake works

  7. Exactly what I was thinking would be the meta, I have been in the process of making a cad of a robot that is very similar in design to this. Honestly never thought of your way to rotate the goals though, that was extremely clever. I thought of having some platform the goals stood on that rotated but what you did is much more simple and simple is almost always better. Amazing job!!

  8. I’m still calling that 1469A style robots will be meta. This style will be like the Dr4b tube bots in TT. They worked but where not fast enough to keep up with trays.

  9. So uh… what's the meaning of all the names at 2:40? (it only shows up for a fraction of a second, so it's kinda hard to catch)

  10. Wait but you have more than 8 motors.

  11. Stellar robot, but I gotta say, the editing on this video takes the cake!

  12. I'm having trouble with my mobile goal pickup, how exactly did you guys do the non locking one

  13. unique lift choice! But why not just a dr4b + another 4 bar or chainbar like itz? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to drive?

    2nd thing, did they update the rules regarding pneumatics? i thought 6 motors + pistons?

  14. just when I think my team is doing good, you guys have to make me crap my pants

  15. and now we wait till worlds finals for every robot in the competition to be as good as this one, nice job again lads

  16. what plastic did you guys use on the poker boio?

  17. I thought you could only have possession of one of the goals. It said that in the rule book.

  18. hey this is a great design and i am wondering if you guys mind me posting this video to some Chinese Video Sites(with citation of course).

  19. When you realise that the 6 dislikes are probably from the opposing teams. Lol

  20. when you realize 13,000 are now gonna steal these designs

  21. It's been 4 weeks. I cannot say that this will be the meta, but my gosh it's so impressive!

    We did a very similar design for the lift with our own version of the pnuematic spear. The 4 bar took 2 motors to lift because we put a forklift on the back for alliance goals. One motor for the chain bar and 257 rpm drive meant that we needed to pull in the neutral goal and spin it with one motor. We did this with a transmission and were very proud that it was designed to do everything you guys did plus speed and lifting goals onto platform.

    HOWEVER. We abandoned this design as it tended to be slow and bulky. We also deemed that the speed tradeoff was not worth being able to score on neutral goals. (High risk, less high reward)

    Also that spear requires aiming, and has too many motions per ring.

    Great job, but I'm not sure we will see this design too often until very late season when someone perfects it.

  22. This is absolutely stunning! Does it all fit within the sizing requirements? My team has struggled loads with keeping it complex but simple enough to keep within the size requirements. Wish you the best of luck!

  23. Please help! My Vex EDR robot after connecting the control unit to the computer, the robot is reapeating the old program, moreover, it is impossible to reset this program. Help!

  24. 1:19 epic sync, also a really thought out robot, it can do everything the game calls from putting rings on the neutral platforms and alliance platforms, forgot what they're called, sabotaging other robots, and balancing. Great job!

  25. I love the base grabbing design and the plunger! This is the best robot and closest robot to our design I’ve ever seen!

  26. I was wondering, what is the lift design called?

  27. Hey guys at Norcal, we are in ms and our robotics season started a month ago. We have the arm built like u have in the vid but what is the piece you guys used for the plunger. I looked at the close up vid and was still pretty unsure about it. Is it plastic or plexiglass or something else? Can you also maybe comment the link for that piece on this comment? That would help a lot guys. Tahnks alot.

  28. hi is there a instruction manual or cad avialble of this robot online?

  29. How do you guys refill your pneumatics air tank while at a competition?

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