NEW VEX IQ Slapshot Robot - Flywheel robot By Ben Lipper -

NEW VEX IQ Slapshot Robot – Flywheel robot By Ben Lipper

Ben Lipper
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Really cool new robot for VEX IQ Slapshot by Ben Lipper, based on a flywheel and teeter-totter or see-saw design.

This design is largely meant for inspiration. There are (intentionally) no step-by-step instructions for this robot – the goal is to have you create something even better out of your own creativity and ingenuity!


  1. Wow i can’t wait to see the exact same robots at states

  2. Very nice Ben! At practice last night we were talking about how consistent the flywheel mechanisms are compared to strikers. It's neat to see your take on the design. How is it scoring?

  3. does anybody have any tips for beginners? This is my first year doing VEX,(and my whole schools first time as well)
    And we had our first Competition today. But we have the basic bot and it doesn’t do to good. lol

  4. Im going to be honest i like these videos and I hate them because litterally everybody at the competition copies these robots 1 for 1
    and i hate it

  5. Do the build instructions come with Ben Lipper paid program

  6. How does it drive so fast like is the velocity increased?!?or is it a ratio?

  7. Ben can u send me the link to get the blue dispenser. We’ve been having trouble in our team with our robot and then only one we can get is the yellow dispenser

  8. @Ben Lipper How did you make the gear ratio move like that. Is it a compound gear ratio???

  9. I really like your videos, but everybody at the competitions steal your exact designs lol

  10. Hello i just got The pictures and i was thinking where is the drivetrain motor

  11. How many points have you gotten with this robot

  12. How do you manage to get an accurate flywheel?

  13. Still scores less then some actual student built robots 😬

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