NEW PATCH SPOILER: Loren & Vex + Premium Pass + New Enchant - Smash Legends -

NEW PATCH SPOILER: Loren & Vex + Premium Pass + New Enchant – Smash Legends

Nome Generico
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00:00 Premium Pass
00:37 Loren Moveset
01:46 Play Tips added
01:55 Loren Stats and Skill Details
02:50 New Enchant
02:58 Loren in game
03:39 Loren in game 2
06:03 Skins of Loren

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  1. I’m confused about the premium pass. If I buy the premium pass do I also get the smash pass? Or do I have to buy the smash pass and then the premium pass is still $25? I only ask cuz that seems mega steep for an extra tier of rewards

  2. This character super powerful than using ultimate can also use to bodyguard the check point for enemy hard to check point on it. And this character also can kick people in air which mean could be difficult for enemy to atk in mid air.

  3. We don't have any info on the premium pass, it's a shame
    But the character looks awesome. Watch out for the whale

  4. 2:34 for some reason the game has text in the korean version, i just know the effect of the third one that recover 0.6s from her skill after hitting the enemy with an aerial attack, and i think the second one increases her aerial attack damage by 30% for each sucessful hit (each hit needs to be done in a gap of 2 seconds, if you manage to get another hit after 2 seconds, the boost will be reset)

  5. Awesome vid! I'm 100% adding this character to my roster!

  6. I honestly think the premium pass is a good addition.
    The game earns a bit more money and enchantments become more accessible for the average player.

    The previous enchantment system felt very whale oriented with the rng boxes and no control over what enchantment you’d get or who It’d be for.
    You had to spend hundreds of gems to even have a chance at getting something so most players didn’t bother with it.

    Now all you have to do is pay a flat price for the premium pass and always get a hp and dmg enchantment + 1k shards for the new legend along with quite a few boxes too.

    Yes, this does give paying players even more advantages over f2p but the removal of some rng for new legends and a smaller gap between regular spenders and whales makes it beneficial overall.

    My only concern is the cost. I’m hoping it won’t be more expensive that the regular pass.

  7. Imagine being unable to play this game bcs of ping issues being red

  8. even if for some reason devs will make her bad, i will 100% main her, wonderful design and animations <33

  9. I was about time they added a spawner character

  10. She’s a pretty interesting character: it blends the Assassin play style to a more supportive gameplay on her ultimate (which is very similar to Penny’s from BS for example).

    I think her ult is going to be nerfed not long after the release

  11. Finnally! The New Specialist Brawler Has Arrived

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