Never lose to Yone again by counter picking him with Vex | Challenger Vex - League of Legends -

Never lose to Yone again by counter picking him with Vex | Challenger Vex – League of Legends

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Pekin woof is not liable for any games lost counterpicking Yone but still not winning

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  1. How do you feel about Lillia mid as a counterpick to Yone?

  2. What do you think about vex's buildpath rn? When do you go what mythic, and when would you go cosmic vs shadowflame/void 2nd? And will any of these change based on the nerfs?

  3. 17:25
    Hey man just walk straight into the Veigar! I got your back!
    Are you sure?
    Ya man! Go for it!

  4. Vex looks so underwhelming as a champion. Like her CC alongside her damage doesn't seem too strong compared to some of the other mages. It's a pleasure seeing Pekin play these champions though and seeing how he makes it work.

  5. Nice game dude pls can u bring eyetracker again? Almost a year ago

  6. 4:40 Your auto did follow him back lol. You can see you consumed the gloom.

  7. Hey Pekin, could you try Corki against Yone? I was Yone and got stomped by a Corki and I'd like to see how you would play it

  8. Did Pekin play Skarner mid? No.

    Lose Streak: 83

  9. Vex has been by far my favorite champion, assuming I don’t die early in game.

  10. Lately, when i m against yone, i started to pick taliyah mid cuz it s quite funny to bully him , he can t dash toward u cuz of your e and if he does his hp bar gets halfed and you can kill him with your 2 remaining skills 😂

  11. I usually pick garen into this matchup, legit not winnable for Yone

  12. does pekin every play annie much? I wanna see new content of him playing annie mid

  13. i always appreciate your processing, your macro is impeccable

  14. 4:37 your auto DID follow him back, at least the passive proc did.

  15. Pekin looking like Chuck Norris these days

  16. I've recently picked vex into yone, can confirm he gets chunked every time he tries anything with 3rd q, free matchup

  17. Pekin, you do know that "soul point" means 3 dragons?

  18. I just play renekton mid into yones or irelias and I never lose lane

  19. I commented how to counter him on one of your videos just a couple days ago, happy to see this didn’t realize playing him with auto was such a thing early on, although this Yone seemed very unoffensive but I’ll try this next time

  20. vex can flash during r to cancel and reposition. good vs ppl like veigar who can setup a stun when you r them

  21. Best way to counter yone mid is picking malphite mid go full tank bring tp and hug your turret then go up solo him after your second item.

  22. i counterpick yone with gp, its plat so, i can lol

  23. the timing on that W at 5:02 got me BLUSHING

    the level 6 into ulti to turn around on the rakan was also just chefs kiss

  24. it's sad how terrible shyv bruiser is
    like shyv ap is really nice if your team doesn't lose by the time you're 6 … but bruiser really feels like there's better bruisers who don't even need 6

  25. 4:35 your auto attack followed him, his E counts as a dash and it gave you the passive and damage

  26. Amazing after 100 games of Vex you still don't know how to use the ulti.

  27. Just pick ww mid with barrier and it counters yone/yasuo hard too

  28. Day 25 of asking PekinWoof to play high elo midlane Brand.

  29. Missed the pun 🙁 "Never lose to anYone again" great vid tho !

  30. The veigar cage was invis because its center was in fog, just like nunu ult or lux e in a bush

  31. Honestly , I found Annie to be very decent against Yone

  32. Watching yone dash and dash and dash is so funny

  33. She better lookin than Yone too, she's hot.

  34. A Yone mid that doesn't ban Vex is basically asking to lose

  35. Pekin seriously, your so good at what you do! Just wanna throw a ball at you and say that this isnt about LoL. You would be an wery attractive hire and i think you could do great at whatever else you tackle. Like, it feels like if u decided to start work with enviroment stuff instead off LoL, then you would probably stop the global warming in like 3 years. JK but you get what i mean.

  36. I love how I was a yone hater but now I’m even happy when I play against anyone instead of a fking vex

  37. I don't know about these higher elo games. The Yone just respects that Pekin knows what he is doing. In Lowelo, the Yone would just spam to get a dash and then continually run over the Vex after being feared once. That's prob with these games, they don't teach you how to deal with people in your own bracket.

  38. I hope everyone votes for a shyvana rework. I know nocture would be nice but they have been pretty good at doing these reworks the past few years and I really think they could do so much with a shape shifting dragon mage archetype. Your vote matters!

  39. Rumble trying to sneak attack bank from the jungle.
    immediately turns on massive fire turrets so everyone sees him

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