Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Game Malayalam Angry Review | Racing Gameplay | VEX Entertainment -

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Game Malayalam Angry Review | Racing Gameplay | VEX Entertainment

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This is my Need for Speed: Most Wanted Game Review in Malayalam by VEX Entertainment.

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Game Reviews are Vex entertainment Orginal show to make you all entertain everything about the Movies, TV-series and Games. Also, we do mostly Spoiler free Reviews so there is no tension feel free to watch. I don’t like to ruin any of my viewer’s experience.

The show revolves mostly around PC Gaming

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I don’t play games on Consoles so the reviews which you see are on PC gameplay. In my view before wasting money on something we need to understand what we actually dealing with that’s my goal. Because of that, you can always expect fast and accurate Reviews That’s my promise to every one of you my friends.

So be a part of our journey, 100 % fun guaranteed 😛 Stay safe, Stay awesome Punchessss !!!

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  1. Forgot to tell you, Friends, two things in this review. 1) BGM in this game is mind-blowing2) Drag Race is a pain in the A**

  2. My favorite is lamborghini gallardo

  3. Bro xmen first class review cheyy bro

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  5. ഞാൻ കരുതി need for speed movie review ആണെന്ന്

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  7. Captain America civil war angry review idumo pls

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  9. fiat punto vechu aanu full game throughout kalichathu only because of acceleration and handling
    next game sure aayum NFS Carbon aakum ennu vishvasiokunnu
    pine cast cheytha aalkarude names koodi paryane

  10. Make a video on demon slayer Anime series

  11. M3 E46❤❤❤❤❤
    SL 500❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Bro, my Hero academia can do a review? Please 🙏🏻

  13. Bro..
    Lost In Space ന്റെ Review ഇടാമോ..plz….

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  15. These are the games that made my childhood Aswome:
    – Cod Modern warfare series
    – Nfs most wanted
    – Gta san Andreas
    – Halo Combat evolved
    – Halo 2 and 3
    – Bully

  16. Need more awesome content bro. Good work

  17. Most liked car Lotus elise aayrunnu.Most of the races ath vech aanu complete cheythath

  18. My best Black list racer sonny
    Car supra and lancer

  19. Nammal race thottittalla car pokunne razorinte nirdhesha prakaram nammade carinte oil tankil leak ondaakkum…..aah racinte avasaanam mia phonil vilich parayunnond there is a huge oil leak in your ride ennu……angane aanu nammade vandi kedaakunne


  21. My favourite car is Mercedes SLR McLaren. Njn e car vechaan razorineyum bullineyum tholpichath.

  22. I love mustang like razor and blaklist i love razor

  23. Ithoke Kalichu kond irunna oru കാലം undayirunnu 🥀😌

  24. Enne pole manual transmission itt car ottikunnavar undo

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