My VEX Experience... -

My VEX Experience…

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hope you enjoyed the video :))))

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  1. Nice Video but remember allways to E before Q or else it whont crit

  2. Typical dumbs, all edits, no uploads

  3. Slow down, you just posted the Akshan video 👀

  4. 2 videos!?????!?!? we eating GOOD tonight

  5. Wait, are you sick Dumbs ? You are uploading videos too often, someone blackmailed you ?

  6. "wtf another dumbs video" – Dumbs and fans (maybe)

  7. New editor coming in strong! Hopefully that means we'll get videos more often COPIUM

  8. I like this type of quick videos with not so complex edits more if it means more content. 😀 Thanks in advance for great content!

  9. Dumbs videos make my days. Ty for all your hard work Dumbs <3

  10. Dear god the amount of rat posting in this video is off the charts! I love it.

  11. Did Dumbs just upload twice a year?


  13. Super disappointed that the title isn't "my VEXperience"

  14. 2 vids THIS YEAR? insane this is the greatest trade deal in the history of trade deals

  15. wait ,hold on. dumbz is from finland? thought he was polish for some reason

  16. I like how you can destroy your lane but because a dumbass goes afk you lose the game

  17. Actually I enjoy these kind of videos more 😅

  18. dumbs more like…………………………………………………………………………………………. sʜɪ

  19. man conveniently left out me giving him complete depression in game 3 by accidentally stealing every single kill in his lane pog 😉
    anyways excellent video as always dumbs!

  20. Why bad videos now, less talking more funi memes and sounds

  21. 'VeXerience'
    We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close

  22. Wait so is it now 2022?cause dumb just upload a new video lol

  23. Just played her and HOLY SHIT I was so behind but her R combo deals 1 billion damage anyways

  24. I love how he just became a faker vtuber out of nowhere

  25. People locking in Kayn every single game even in blind normals is so pathetic

  26. Oh hey look, that's me in game 3, the 1/6/7 Galio who built Imperial Mandate! I'm famous now!

  27. I'm surprised that Noone have their title as "My VEXperience"

  28. Why does turning shadows to low quality only work on my teammates:(

  29. you really are just albino but you play league

  30. Vex is the nightmare of champions that use blink and dash and by that I mean pretty much everyone.

  31. Enemy Aphelios Infernum R's the whole society falls

  32. No cap though I've been playing vex non stop since release, I like the simplicity and the fact that she's really fun. She's Annie but has a decent survivability, much better wave clear, easier to proc her cc on multiple people, and her ult is one of the most fun abilities in the game in the fact that it turns you into a walking nuke. Plus the fact that a lot of people hate her edgy teen attitude, one of the best champs for tilting people in normals.

    11/10 best new release since I started back in season 9, plus she is relatively well balanced and was on release also.

  33. so "Dumbs" is becoming a second channel now
    well that's predictable

  34. The title could have been "My Vexperience"

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