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Welcome to game 2 of me playing Vex! Last game we played Vs an Assassin, this game we’re against a Mage. I seriously love this champion and can see me playing a lot of her when she’s not banned. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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  1. since vex q fears minions she can theoretically create freezes from crashes no? since she can shove the whole wave back and the fear has no slow

  2. Rek sai e does count huzz you can see that it gave them gloom when he went over the wall

  3. Huz it's not that you are wasting it on minions you are wasting it on anything, it's kinda like Karma's ult, once you ult your next spell will be empowered, once you get vex passive the next spell is empowered so even if you miss it you still use the passive.

  4. Her ult reminds me of Nocturne Ult. Except she could potentially fear 5 people instantly!! Seems slightly OP to me. AND you can use it multiple times.

  5. Loved Shaang Chi too!! And the Asian stereotype parents at the start were hilarious and relatable too (I’m Asian).

  6. 8:50 It does for both. Your passive mark appeared on Rek'sai as she burrowed and after her R (also seen at 12:30, 16:00, 31:30, 35:30) and your fear was fully charged so there was no cooldown to decrease.

  7. Yeah, probably the next broken mage in the midlane. Nice. Good video btw. Keep it up

  8. I was thinking that 3 indicators should be enough but yeah 2 of them being color indicators isn’t the best idea
    Edit: 4 indicators if you count the sigh she makes when passive is up

  9. if vex's fear only applied on Champs it would be really oppressive like imagine if Annie passive only worked on abilities that hit champions

  10. Vid 41 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  11. I think you might be better off maxing E second no matter what. It is basically instant when cast on yourself, is more useful into ranged champs, and it also applies gloom (even to minions) and thus is used to reset your passive.

  12. Rek sai's E did count! The icon above her was shown when she used the tunnel!

  13. she looks so cool. I wish i could have tried her in the PBE but I gave up after 12 douges (not even mine). It's maybe me but it feels like getting a game on the PBE tooks hours becasue of multiple douges.

  14. Wow I did not know that about anivia passive 😂

  15. Vex seems so cool, anti assassin mage is such a nice archetype for her to be in this season, and I think this game showed what you were thinking that she will be slightly weak against poke mages in particular, but omnivamp this season takes care of that really, so she's just gonna have a hard time going all in till she has ult

  16. Congrats on your one year! I’m also a big fan of Vex from what I can see. And amusingly, the acoustic Lightbringer is my least favorite of the new album 😅

  17. Ngl I'm one of the few people that actually likes her skin. Probably because it's a mix of some of my favorite colors lol

  18. I dont understand why peoples automaticly assume that after the enemy dash/blink vex fears them. Its stated quite clearly that she fears them only If her cooldown is up and she reduces the cooldown with the mark. She also does bonus damage to the marked target with aa, q and w. Also, reksai got marked both after she used the tunnel and ultimate. BTW Flash counts as blink.

  19. Huzzy, would you say that Vex is vexxing to play against?

    Alright, I'll see myself out.

  20. loved the song change now 🙂 how longs it been since you changed it man!

  21. The fact that the release skin looks worse is now a norm for Riot games

  22. Guess I couldn’t 1v9 this game GG to all, still disagree about yone being op and unskilled 🙂

  23. Vex absolutely does not counter mobility. All of her abilities are skillshots except her W which means you can cause her to not deal any damage with mobility. If your only "counter" is a bit of extra damage and building up a fear bar yeah no that's not a counter. We already have long range mages in the game with CC that struggle against hyper mobile assassins and fighters. She's probably only going to do a tad bit better.

  24. Huzzy is gonna have fun with her and I'm excited

  25. I honestly can't wait for her to release on live servers. Well until the hype dies down and not everyone tries to play her.

  26. Was fun finally getting to play a lane 1v1 against Huzzy with my best champion this season. Vex was annoying to lane against with the fear cause it would screw up my ult occasionally. Also that Gankplank's damage is just nuts. Just one shots everywhere.

  27. Vex’s champion personality reminds me alot of Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and I love it.

  28. As a chinese. Glad you enjoyed Shang Chi as well.

    Win for Chinese representation!

  29. well, this has given me another reason to hate reksai even more.

  30. GP Legit almoust oneshot the rek said with 1 barrel min 18 holy

  31. Cant wait for the counter champ of the season!

  32. "Generally, whoever wins wins" -Huzzy 2021

  33. I really love Vex, i hate assasins and the "100 dash, 1 shot, assasin meta" and Vex is the counter to all of that. i love when a game combines mind, strategy and skill, but with this meta is just the one that mashes faster or has less ping.

  34. I've been watching Huzzy since the start of the season 5 unranked to diamond

  35. That walk cycle is killing me, her little feet pattering along

  36. I dont tink you got her passive right, Huzz. Doom is a periodic passive that allows your first basic ability to fear. Gloom is a mark enemies get on them when they dash or get hit by your E that u then can proc with an autoattack to get your Doom CD reduced. So basically, if u E a whole wave and fear them putting Doom on CD, u can then auto every minion to proc Gloom and you'll get Doom (AKA the fear) back up. Enemies dashing near you doesnt mean you can fear them automatically by hitting an ability. Your Doom must be up for the fear to happen but!! If your Doom is on CD and, for example, Yasuo dashes on you, you can auto him to get a mssive reduction on your Doom or maybe even fully up if its already almost up. Hope that clear up some things

  37. Hey huzz I haven't seen you in a while cause of the algorithm. The last time I watched one of your videos you were trying to lose weight and dealing some health issues. You look a lot healthier, and I hope you feel that way too.

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