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Hi Guys! This is My first video on Youtube, I will be playing a game called Vex 3, but nobody likes to be bored so I sped it up a bit.

Have a great time watching my video, and have a nice day ;~)

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  1. Why you quit i made it to the vextation

  2. Argh! They didn't fully export the ending. Ah well, better next time.

  3. Hey Runic ok so for this video I thin we should do some extra things. You should go to annotations and add a bubble letting people know to raise the quality to 720p. Also I would recommend using Microsoft Expression 4 to record your game play if it's on the computer I made a video about it.

    The link to download it is in the video I am telling you with that software it renders your videos to 1080p and it will definitely give a better viewing experience. Also I would like to add that I wanted to here some music during your game play 🙁 . I also made a video on how to get really cool music that i love but obviously you might not like but still its worth giving it a try. You can monitize the music they make sinceits not copyrighted, but just give them credit, and with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 you can put the music in the background of your game play to make it cooler. This is the link to their channel so you can check them out I also have a video I made on getting their music so just in case you want to know. Here are the links to their channel and my video regarding their channel.

    So I hope you find this helpful if not it's cool too. Come check out my channel and give me some advice as well as I enjoy improving 😀

  4. Great Video Mate 😀 I just liked and subscribed could you sub back?? that's all have a great day!

  5. Nicely done man! You're really good at this game aha

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