Modding FSR 3 in Any Game! - Everything You Need to Know! 6 Games TESTED! (replaces DLSS 3) -

Modding FSR 3 in Any Game! – Everything You Need to Know! 6 Games TESTED! (replaces DLSS 3)

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AMD finally has got FSR 3 to a state where it is OPEN-SOURCE, which means we have access to the code. Frame generation is an interesting thing so you know modders instantly got to putting it in games. In this video we test it in 6 different games for the performance, quality and bugginess to see if it’s worth using. It can be really useful if the game would never be getting FSR 3 frame generation support, but you would love to give it a shot.

It is almost SO easy to do, just why not?


==Here are the links if you want to give the mod a shot. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! However, everything is technically reversible==

The mod:
(ONLY compatible with RTX 20-series and up)

^ A mod will soon be available that also works for AMD GPUs by replacing DLSS with FSR entirely (I’ll try to update this when the mod is released, mind you the installation steps will be much different)

==Full Tutorials for the FSR 3 modding==


Daniel’s Tutorial:

#Ugreen #UgreenNexodePro

0:00- FSR 3 for EVERYONE
1:30- Sponsor Segment
2:48- Modding FSR 3 into Cyberpunk
4:30- FSR 3 in Cyberpunk
9:55- FSR 3 in Spiderman Miles Morales
13:00- FSR 3 in a Plague Tale Requiem
15:00- FSR 3 in Starfield
16:35- The FSR 3 Problem in Atomic Heart
18:10- FSR 3 in the Witcher 3
19:50- Modded FSR 3 in games Final Thoughts


  1. If nvidia makes all its money from AI and whatever and gamers arene even a minor fraction of sales why be so anti consumer when clearly being pro consumer like AMD is part of business? I mean they're suddenly doing open source drivers since ARC did it, why keep doing hardware locked features? I know DLSS is superior for it but why not have it open to 1XXX eriees cards and other GPUs through software implementation?

  2. Honestly, even if FSR 3 gets officially put into more games i will still choose to use this mod, as it allows me to get the best of both worlds by using DLSS upscaling and FSR 3 frame gen.

  3. I mean it's nice thats it works, but the average pc latency not improving is a dealbreaker to me. What is the improvement of seeing 60fps with feel of 30fps

  4. dlss frame gen is better less buggy an less ui bugs. but in all reality fsr3 an dlss 3 will have its advantages in some games an disadvantages in others. some game might run the dlss 3 frame gen smoother than other games that run fsr3 and vice versa..

  5. Me with a RX580 waiting for FSR3 to be released on this card lmaoooooooooooooo

  6. nahh… i'm rockin' the rx7900xtx in my rig… i'm currently using hypr-rx for most of my games, waiting patiently for AMD to release FSR3 in early 2024… i love mods, and i use nexus, but NOT for this…

  7. I dont know what youtuber said this, but: If you have to pause to see a difference then it's not a problem

  8. i have 3060ti and on cyberpunk High settings 1440p + RT off. getting around 120-140 fps. but i have 60-70ms frametime 🙁 idk what is happening and why. if anyone have similar issues and found some solution let me know pls 🙂

  9. ppl say "fuck amd cards my 2070 can play 60fps ray tracing 1080p no dlss" meanwhile this dude has 30fps with rt on 3080. the amount of lies from nvidia shills is insane.

  10. So again, what's taking CDPR so long for an official implementation? 🤔 Sus af.

  11. I have a 3070 right now and don't intend to upgrade for another couple years at least. I'm quite curious to try this mod out to see what I'm missing.

  12. Well My RTX 2060 is Gonna Love This

  13. Man I'd love to upgrade to an AMD graphics card, Specifically I'm eyeing the rx 7700 XT but where it would normally cost around $450 in my country with shipping fees and import taxes it can go up to $700 :(((( I'm literally crying about this as I'm typing. though I'm hoping GPU prices will drop a little early next year but we'll have to see

  14. man fuck nvidia. the greedy bastards has ruined gaming for pc users. im not an amd fan tbh, i prefer nvidia but seeing how for 4 generations and 7 years to 8 years now they only offer 8gb for the upper mid range class gpus and its making me sick to my stomach. im still holding onto my 1070 and i dont know what to upgrade to.

  15. I have a 6950xt and alan wake 2 crushes my card. They really need to have fs3 on it. I tried fluid motion frames which is ok it about doubles fps.

  16. There's actually another FSR 3 Frame Gen mod but for non RTX cards btw. Works for older cards such as GTX or older RX series. Not this one but made by another person I think. You can find the benchmarks on YT if you search them up.

    Edit : It's LukeFZ's FSR 3 Frame Gen mod

  17. i have cyberpunk 2077 on epic games but i cant get it too work i have a rtx 3070

  18. How to fix screen tearing that comes with this mod? Nvidia control panel vsync setting won’t help

  19. I dont likes these mods, is stupid when is RTX only

  20. Frame Gen for the most part will feel pretty bad with a mouse because of how instant your movement to input is. This is also true for streaming with Geforce Now.

    I think Frame Gen as well as Geforce Now works best when playing with a controller, and I'm very excited to try this on my Steam Deck.

  21. I used this in alan wake 2, I originally was hitting 70c with a 30 fps cap, I play under 60c at 60 fps with the fsr3 frame gen mod. Its really no joke

  22. the last few years all the nvidia boys talking smack about amd and looks who's making their gpus relevant again lmao the irony is to much.

  23. at 1080p ultra settings except ray tracing on cyberpunk my 1660ti jumped from 45-70ish depending on area to 87-111 i use the alternate mod that works on every gpu though instead of this mod

  24. Wonder if nvidia will be foced to release dlss 3 on rtx 20 and 30 series.

  25. fsr 2 is also on emulators, with 3.0 hot dayum its going to be crazy

  26. Let’s go, my 3060, is now a 4060 with a bigger bus

  27. As thisbin solelynon nvidia i question the logic of not vomparing also with dlss running

  28. 50 fps path tracing in cyberpunk on my 2080ti has been pretty wild. 😂

  29. How did you get that GPUBusy stat displayed in Afterburner? I can't find it anywhere there…

  30. Wait wait wait… you need an Nvidia GPU to use… this FSR3 mod…?

  31. AMD always giving the peeps with the wins while Nvidia keeps sucking the plebs that are willing to overpay for things wooo

    Edit: the great thing about the opensource is the fact amd is helping believe it or not future generations for the future vs Nvidia continuing to be closed off and showing how greedy they are which will hurt them in the long run vs amd…short term money and thinking is pretty bad for long term thinking and making massive amounts of money later on.

    I am happy to be supporting amd again tbh hope they continue to keep making really good products and supporting the tech / software for older and future hardware vs well nvidia locking down software and hardware making you feel like your forced to have to buy the latest thing for those features again comes back to that short term thinking vs long term thinking

  32. i hope we can have this with amd graphics card too

  33. how much will nvidia lose due to this mod X)

  34. Ultra low latency for the win on 20 series…best way to play is with the dsr 4x + best dlss u can run and looks great on 1080p 360> 4k 360hz

  35. It's kinda insane when you think about it Nvidia has AI for there framegen & upscaling & they basically said it was impossible without AI for frame-gen meanwhile AMD comes out & give almost everyone frame-gen that basically rivals Nvidia's paidwalled framegen behind there RTX4000 card's like WTF & AND gives everyone access to that FSR3 frame-gen & it can basically be modded in almost every game out there like WTF that's insanity

  36. For those of you using the lukefz mod, in order to eliminate ghosting and ui glitches in cyberpunk follow these steps:
    1. Enter settings and enable dlss.
    2. Exit settings and check the fps. You will see the fps increased due to FG.
    3. Now in order to eliminate ghosting and ui glitches, you must re-enter settings and turn off all upscalling.
    The fps will remain the same, but all ghosting and ui glitches will be gone.
    This trick can be used in other games, but you may have to choose other upscaller instead of turning upscalling off completely. All that matters is that you switch from dlss upscaller once you applied the frame generation settings.
    I hope this works for you. It did for me. 😊

  37. AMD has basically done to nVidia's DLSSFG what they did to their Gsync with monitors. They came in and developed Freesync and opened it up for any manufacturer to incorporate VRR into their monitor spec which completely undermined nVidia's proprietary and expensive Gsync module; to where now almost every monitor uses Freesync (even if it's branded as Gsync compatible). I expect the same thing to happen with FG; where game developers will simply incorporate FSR3 FG to enable a much larger player base to take advantage of it, rather than focus on just 1 line of GPUs from 1 manufacturer. As for why nVidia won't support this for their OWN customers who may own 2xxx or 3xxx cards, well they wanted them to go out and buy 4xxx cards. Competition is such a good thing for consumers.

  38. ok by the logic that AMD cares more about Nvidia users than Nvidia does. They must also care more about Nvidia users than AMD users since the MOD isn't for them. Or the reality that none of these companies actually give a fuck about any of us.

  39. great mod, 3060 ti here and with ray reconstruction it just looks and plays amazing on some games.

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