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Middle School Drive Train Reveal

Vladimir Makarov
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Prepare to be impressed as we unveil our latest VEX creation! In this video, we showcase the incredible engineering and design behind this push bot. The robot also gets FIRST PLACE at SKILLS across all Illinois middle school teams. You’ll see the meticulous planning and unique features that make it stand out. Watch as it tackles obstacles and displays its precision and speed. Whether you’re a seasoned roboticist or a beginner, this reveal is sure to inspire. Subscribe and join us in celebrating the world of VEX Robotics.


  1. I was on one of the teams at this tournament

  2. best is a massive stretch, if this isnt a joke then your match loading is slow and illegal too

  3. This game is hilarious. The only game a push bot can be #1 skills in a region

  4. Bro this is actually sick, especially if the other team double zones and you can just push all of their goals out

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