Man Mode Uptime -

Man Mode Uptime

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He’s Insane.

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  1. I like seeing the Sages do this too to stick with the boss even tho its 0 damage 😂They want in on the man mode too hahaha No Gcd and oGcd i missed! 💪💪

  2. The real man mode was standing in the poison in Ruby 5 and watching the others kill themselves with bad baits.Then casually heal yourself from the poison dot because you are in MAN. MODE.

  3. I'm encouraged now to full up-time all bosses.

  4. You can do this with 2 Raijus as Ninja since it's exactly on the 2 min window(Or you can just save your ranged attacks like 2 Raiton + TCJ for that and be safe KEKW). Any other melee job with 2 charges of dashes saved can pull it off as well.

  5. Let's ignore rhat you wouldn't loose uptime even without following the boss right?

  6. "man mode shit"

    Quit warrior bc "it's impossible to clear Savage" or whatever bitch ass reason he has. Like it's the game's fault his testosterone failed him at 15 and he went bald.

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