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Lost Ark is DOOMED To Fail in the West | Xeno Reacts to Pro Russian Wizard Divium Furor

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Lost Ark is pay to win and is Doomed to fail on the west server but Pepega youtubers don’t want you to know that. Good thing Divium Furor has got your back and, as a Lost Ark Russian Pro explains why Lost Ark will fail. In this video Xeno reacts reacts to “Is Lost Ark DOOMED on West ?” and compares Lost Ark with other Korean MMOs such as Aion and Tera and draws parallels between the monetization systems in these games.

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  1. did he really say Amazonia? Concern Strummer

  2. Why is everyone crying about paytowin when the only time it's gonna impact you is guild battle since arena and ranked arena are equalized? like oh damn my raid teamates spent 4000$ a month but gets 1 shot by raid mechanics boohoo boohoo so unfair…. like no matter how much you pay the end game content don't care about it that much

  3. You really made a video that people can misunderstand. Is it possible to purchase and upgrade Argos equipment and then go directly to the end content, Brelshaza raid? If you can do what you say, people wouldn't have had any reason to go to a lower raid, and there won't be. I'm so curious as to why you made such a beggar video. I am a user who enjoys raids without charging. And I hate videographers who lie or spit like you.
    If what you're saying is true, tell me what high content you are currently playing on argos equipment. Right now, this non-funny video will have to make an excuse.

  4. Ppl forget that they don't need MAX GEAR to have fun.
    PVP isn't even based on gear, there's no way to pay to win over someone. Pay to Win is when other players can pay to dictate your gameplay, and that happens on PVP focused games like Aion, Albion, etc… where there is world pvp and you get your ass kicked for doing your PVE/PVP fun activities. It's literally the same as FFXIV, you can buy the latest crafted gear and you can do ALL the content availeable, so it's pay to win? No. The content IS THE GEAR PROGRESSION. When you finish it, there's nothing more to do. Just enjoy the trip, or leave when it's no fun anymore, that's it.

  5. New Concept: Spouse of Duty. Be the person holding the person holding the gun. Spouse of Duty bringing new meaning to "indirect fire".

  6. 08:38 That my boy is the plot. The warm soft, jiggly, supple brea- I mean PLOT!

  7. A few things missing from this video is that for max visa power, you still need to manually complete all the story quests and dungeons to unlock the ability to even use that purchased gear.
    Second, there are 2 item levels in the game and one of them is aquired level so that people just dont buy the best gear and skip everything. There are 4 level walls in the game, so at every level you buy the base gear of that level and upgrade it to the next level. Buy the best gear in that level and upgrade it to the next and so on. In all this game has RNG system so if you are unlucky, you can and will destroy the gear you bought with thousands of dollars and start all over again.
    Third, you mostly buy the gear from other players so depending on server the cost will vary from just a couple thousand gold to millions of gold coin for a single item and you might need hundreds of those items. So for 1 day max visa powers, you will need at least couple tens or even hundreds of thousand dollars in you bank account. So even if its pay to win, its really painful pay to win.
    And even with all that gear if you will try to do PvP, most top players will kill without you even landing a hit on them even if they have a little less levels of their gear.

  8. The upgrade to that level does take time but when the game originally was launched, players had over an year to reach t2 content that takes like 30 – 40 hrs of play time. It all seems overwhelming when like in NA/EU launch they have all T2 and a small portion of T3 content at release. But the devs said in an interview that they will release new patches based on the how fast players complete the content so that majority of players can catch up to the final levels.
    Besides even if someone P2W the game to unlock the final boss what after that? Its not ike they can P2W ranked battles as the gear is normalized for all players. Its not like they can get the rare cosmetics/mounts with money as they need to be collected by exploring the maps and looting moster drops.
    Its like you P2W to get a saved file for the game. If you max the gear, it means there is nothing left to do, time to delete the game and move on to earn the money that you wasted for no reason.

    This is the reason why I play games for exploring and getting that 100% map completition and not rush to end game.

  9. Korean BBQ transition has to do with "Mukbangs" which is a stream where people watch people eat on camera. It's super popular in Korean and a bajillion dollar industry there but not widely accepted everywhere else. It's to illustrate his point that just because something is popular in korea it doesn't mean it's popular everywhere else.

  10. 6th day of february 2022. makes more sense to me.
    as always kkonas are the weird ones.

  11. It is not p2w. You can farm everything. Just it takes 5 years.

  12. This entire video is irrelevant to me. You have to spend someones yearly salary to get to t3, then pleast tell me what you're winning? It's so unrealistic

  13. Actually in proper English, it's DD/MM/YYYY 😉

  14. The guy that made that video is very active in talking to people on his videos about the game. He has logged over 12k hours on the game so far. The dude knows this game inside and out. The fact that chat is trying to downplay what he's saying is exactly what he was saying. He's got a new video out as of today where he's trying to break people of Stoopz BS. Even showed that Stoopz is a liar by saying you couldn't pay to win the game.

  15. It's true, no good MMORPGs exist anymore.

  16. Yeah, this dude's video is legitimately crap. The only thing you 'win' by paying is having nothing to do sooner. PVE has no 'competition' to it so there is nothing to 'win' against anyone else. There is a small form of PVP that IS strength based but the actual ranked PVP is a leveled mode where everyone's base strength is the same and you have a set number of skill points to make a build out of.

  17. 14:10 Well, they changed 50% of npc's skin colour for ideological puropses so i think they can also change something else. But still true.
    41:37 Btw. you have 1 -> 10 -> 100 / 1second -> 1min -> 1h / 1day -> 1month -> 1year / 1mm -> 1cm -> 1m. That's correct.

  18. the truth is if you can accese to final content in one day, that does not mean you can finish the content in one day.
    you only can buy the upgrade materials not gear it self, you should farm your gears like couple of months and upgrade them.
    even if you have full sets of gear, you still know nothing.
    which means you have to do nonestop 24hrs real fckin hard try if you want clear in one day for each bosses. which is imposible.

  19. 02/06/22 is WRONG also. The international date format is the only logical choice. The universally accepted time format is HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS. So why isnt YYYY/MM/DD? They both conform to the rule of most significant to least significant, allowing people to read left to right which most of us are already conditioned to do, and eliminating potential misunderstandings due to different date formats.

  20. For people who are confuse why the maximum visa is an instant straight upward progression it's because you are +25-ing a lower raid gear, which provides insane stats as compared to a +10/15 of a slightly higher tier gear. But the game is designed to be near impossible to +25 unless you swipe. You basically can just skip all the boss 2,3,4 gears with a max out 1 boss gear straight to 5

    Dual wielding credit cards win

  21. This is why you will not get a sub from me… You were trolled and took it at face value…

  22. So you can pay and NOT play the entire game, seems good.

  23. Great video especially when starting trash talking the peeps that think BIS Is like some kind of mandatory thing. Fuck them. Great Video Xenosys! SKILL > GEAR

    Never watched any of your videos before but I liked your approach.

  24. Russian pro ? He's just a random hater who's mad cause our version is way better and way more f2p friendly than his. F2p players do the exactly same content as whales in lost ark late game, not mentioning that late game is 100% skill based and money can't buy you fingers

  25. this company is scamming the fuck out of everyone. All i can smell is copium scented cologne everywhere.

  26. Nmplol spent $3500 on his main to max out his gear in 1 day and quit the game.

  27. 11:42 Nah, Koreans can look 15 and be 30. So when you see enough Korean girls who look 15 but are actually 30, you also have to be careful that they don't look 15 and actually are 15, because that's a thing too.

  28. Maximum visa does not access you to endgame content if u dont do the main story. Also you cant bulk buy mats u have to buy in auction market which players sell.

  29. Date was correct day is first than month then year – american way is wrong 🙂

  30. There's so much misinformation about P2W stuff tho lmao nobody's going to take you into those raids even if you buy the +25 gear straight away, people have plenty of ways to know if you're garbage or not other than the gear upgrades, plus not only that but you don't need +25 AT ALL to clear the whole game, there's like less than .1% of people playing KR servers with +25 everywhere, those are not reasonable variables to compare in ANY WAY

  31. Crossfire was later release after cod with special forces. It was a hit before last 2k's, specially here in the Philippines. I think it's normal u never heard of it xeno hehe. We mmorpg fans afterall haha

  32. Then again a game you like will be dead soon if it make no profit we all know how companies work just think what happen if WOW have no more sub people or final fantasy 14 ,but then again for my understanding of p2w it in involved in human vs human if the other party got the upper hand but if a game doesn’t involve any of those then it is really call p2w ,and second if you say you have a upper hand in a raid good cause that will help a lot for your teammate not go through the pain of doing the same thing over and over cause of team wipe lastly you play the game cause you enjoy it and you spend on the game cause it make you happy but please don’t be an idiot spend your royal crystals to buy gold because it dump spend it on mount and cosmetic.

  33. Can't stop laughing when u said when your not BiS, u can't clear shit. We do that every content, we craft gear, just to meet the iLVL then we progress within it while getting BiS. From the time we got some BiS we like 70-99% we can clear the current content.

    How many years are we in FFIV? I don't even bother count, but maybe 2-3months tops we jave enjoyed the current content already. That's why FFXIV is the greatest mmorpg cause u can still have the so called "Life" while enjoying the game.haha

  34. The games not bad overall. I don't get why everyone wants to be able to finish content in a week. Who cares if it takes a year to i max stats and all that crap? I mean gives you more play time in the game instead of hitting and beatting everything in a week and then spending 6 months looking for a new game to rush and "win".. They're MMO its not supposed to be quick.

  35. well firstable you cant max out it to 25+ with lengendary. and also people who usually do this is their alt. specially when new class comes out. they save up for new class that is coming out. gold and mats everything. and send everything to it when it comes out. then sure you could do abrelshud in 1 day. although If you have other people who are willing to take you without tier set

  36. NA is so cucked on P2W arguments. Game has a sub, "man fuck subs", game is F2P? O that'll probably be P2W trash. Every MMO has "shit" progression, WoW takes 3-4 weeks to get a normal raid set, unless you get lucky or funneled gear. It'll take twice as much or more to get your heroic or mythic set. Most players wont ever clear Heroic, and even less will clear mythic. If you only care about the gear grind in an MMO what are they supposed to do in between content? For all the "P2W" in LA there is as many systems for F2P to participate in the premium currency market without having to actually spend unlike other P2W games were money is the only way to get premium currency. The level of P2W required to get to +25 in the west is not the same as the other regions, it is not true anymore that you can get to that in 1 day, and regardless the ones swiping for +25 is the least amount of time possible are probably less than 0.01% of the population of the game. From the steam charts we saw how many people are actually F2P cause they weren't even willing to buy the 30 dollar pack for extra stuff and a 3 day head start.

  37. You know what's better though? enjoying the game with optimism and not swiping cards by playing the video game with Chad energy. Because free game.

  38. Lost Ark is paid to win, the reason Koreans like it relative to other Korean games is because the game developers are more willing to communicate with the users. But as a person who has played in the Korean servers, I think that you will need at least a week to get to the final end of the game.

  39. why should the "average" person get the top 0.1% player gear? 😀 its the same as why is the average person not able to get top 3 in olympia, BUT the game has to be fun as an average player 😀

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