LIVE Vex VRC 2022-2023 Game Reveal | SPIN UP -

LIVE Vex VRC 2022-2023 Game Reveal | SPIN UP

BrandywineBOTS Robotics
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Check out the reaction of the fans live in the VEX Dome in Dallas, TX as the 2022-2023 VRC game was revealed live. VEX Robotics Competition – Spin Up!

Spin Up Game Info on the VEX forums:

More info about BrandywineBOTS:


  1. Seems fun but to complicated for me, I'm not gonna join this year and just whatch from here

  2. Hey guys its 7481A the duck team or vexters we were allianced and even though we didn't win, yall are a truly great team and its unfortunate yall didnt get that far. We were allianced with the innovate division of you guys I think its T. Great job!!

  3. this game looks very fun! thank you for sharing this 🙂

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