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Lightfall Vex Raid?! Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games

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The Witness controlling a faction of the Vex is super relevant to a Vex raid. And the reason why people are talking about the Lightfall raid being Vex related is because of the update description on the website, which reads, “Ferried from an unknown time and place, a haunting presence has been detected. We must now confront the ancient threat growing at our doorstep.”





📖 How Neomuna was created
📖 Submind lore
📖 Scorn link
📖 Fenchurch

🏫 Episode 4 ft. Aztecross and Nohjaa
🏫 Episode 3 ft. Rick Kackis
🏫 Episode 2 ft. Traveldanielle and Datto
🏫 Episode 1 ft. ayyitschevy

Lightfall Vex Raid? Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games


  1. Another Vex raid?! That'll be 3 in game now. Come on, we have not had a Cabal raid in 5 years!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! Loved the vid!

    I also thought Vex. Prior to that website update I was torn between Vex or Cabal, but both were purely from a meta standpoint of we haven't gotten a new Vex raid since GoS or a new Cabal raid since the Spire on the Leviathan. VoG doesn't count. We got a Hive raid in Opulence, a Vex raid in Shadowkeep, a Fallen raid in Beyond Light, a Taken/Scorn raid in WQ, and I was expecting a Cabal raid in Lightfall. But given the description on the website, I'm thinking it will either be Vex, or it will be a mix of Vex/Cabal just like Vow was Taken/Scorn.

    The one wrinkle in this that I don't think you addressed is that the Vex in the trailers released so far are not mossy or plant covered. They are all very clean. In the environment trailer we get to see what looks like the inside of their network, similar to what we accessed in season of the Splicer. The Vex from that season were not Sol Divisive.

    So I guess where I'm going with this is that I do agree that it's likely we'll be dealing with the Vex in some capacity in the new raid, but I'm not 100% sure it will be the Sol Divisive. As story beats, raids in the last several major expansions have almost always been campaign story adjacent. Meaning that while they relate to the campaign storyline, they are always they're own distinct stand alone stories. Last Wish and GoS were both continuations, but they were also used to set up future storylines and hint at what's to come. They were not directly related to the main plotlines and those main plotlines were complete and made sense without them. Scourge of the Past was the same. Crown of Sorrows deviates in that Gahlran is the "source" of the Hive/Taken problem that Calus had on his ship. Deepstone Crypt is an aside and only tangentially connected to the Beyond Light plotline via a throwaway line where Eramis sends Atraks to the crypt in a cutscene. Vow of the Disciple expands on the nature of Savathun's relationship with the Witness, but her campaign story does not require Vow to make sense.

    For Lightfall then… I expect a similar kind of narrative. It seems like all the trailers are setting up Calus as the primary antagonist and he will likely be the final boss of the campaign in some capacity. But the raid doesn't have to be related to him or the Witness directly. It could be… but… given that the Vex in Neomuna are not Sol Divisive, it's also possible that they are Vex who are a problem for us, but are not subservient to the Witness. Perhaps they were already on Neomuna?

    But with that said, the "ferried from an unknown place and time" could also make room for a Vex raid on Mars that makes use of the time tears and those could be Sol Divisive. With Spire of the Watcher, Bungie has set the precedent that the Sol Divisive is more than capable of navigating those time tears to search for information that they deem valuable. If we take the game narrative at it's word (Osiris really…) that the Sol Divisive are with the Witness, then that means that the Witness is not done meddling on Mars. Therefore it's entirely possible that the thing "ferried" is brought forth through the time tears by the Sol Divisive to do something on Mars that we don't want them to do.

    I would love a Vex raid on Neomuna to explore the city and the Vex network. But I would also love to see the time tears on Mars used for more than they have been because I'm a sucker for time travel stories. Given that there is a gate to the Black Garden on Mars, and that that gate is likely pretty old, it's not in any way unreasonable for Sol Divisive Vex to come through it from an older timeline and pour into other timelines through those tears to cause all kinds of problems. And I could see Bungie making clever use of the tears to create some wild setpiece experiences.

    The only part of this I'm not sure about is Xivu. I feel like I should be bracing myself for a letdown fight with her at the end of this season where we kill her… But I feel like that may not happen… If it does not happen, then she's a wildcard in this and could be featured either in a raid, or she could be set up as the "primary" antagonist for the Final Shape campaign.

  3. i'd love us to face off against vex who can predict our every move in Final Shape, it'd defintely be the challenge we've always wanted
    after Final Shape i really hope Bungo focuses an expansion on the Nine

  4. I hated those shiny vex in the undying mind strike.

  5. I believe that nezarec will play big part in this raid…does he have any connections with vex? Because I believe that we travel back in time, with nezarec in the ancient war and fight the witness there…we never knew why the witness failed its first invasion with the pyramid fleet and i believe, that we the guardians from 2023 will go back in time and fight back…imagine the plot twist

  6. I've been saying the Sol Divisive are going to be the main Vex problem in the future, and I felt so validated when Spire of the Watcher dropped.

    I don't know about a Vex Raid for Lightfall, but if I was a betting man I'd bet the Sol Divisive are the final enemy faction in Final Shape. It started with them, and it'll end with them.

  7. I have a theory that we use the vex network to time travel back in time to a time in the collapse and we find information on how to stop the witness i think a full vex raid is just not as interesting but thats just me.

  8. What I want to see is that our vex friends join our side and our light crew is complete

  9. Vex is one of the oldest villians… Without them ,cayde never could exist. Bray was parasiting "their" juice, because based on his own ego,whispered by the darkness,he thought he had the right to do so..
    Vex are the most oldest civilization as we know at this point.
    Are Vex really that bad,for trying to stay alive? It's like chess…. And what role does the witness fill? Is he just a pion or a king?

  10. I'v always seen Vex as clever calculating Asians, and each group is like Japan / China / Korea 😀 Sol Divisive is North Korea

  11. There had been a leak showing xivu arath's 3D model and an older leak that may suggest that the raid takes place within A traveler. Savathün mentioned a possible truth saying the traveler isn't the only one of its kind and caital mention in the vox obscura mission seeing a mental image of the traveler poisoned by darkness.

  12. Me out here just patiently waiting til 2043 when Bungie finally drop a new enemy type xD

  13. You know… I wonder how Asher Mir is doing?

    It's been over a year since we've seen him I'm assuming he's still cruising the Vex Network I wonder if he'll give us a hand?

  14. I thought we all knew the soul divisive worked for the witness. From them worshipping the darkness in D1 in the black garden to some of their platforms cannibalizing other vex. I'm pretty sure there is evidence of separate vex factions opening fire on each other

  15. I really want an aphelion raid, based on chronicron MCXX, but this is more likely

  16. another vex raid zzzzzzzzzzz i was expecting a new never seen before race/enemy at least vex zzzzzzzzz can already tell lightfall gonna suck

  17. I feel like the final boss will be a shadow legion cabal with vex powers with the main enemies being the Sol Divisive

  18. I wonder if the Vex will communicate with us one day…

  19. When the Witness says "your pale heart holds the key" is the pale heart similar do the black heart of the garden?

  20. Very much agree with all this, I was clicking for me before you’d say them.

    I wonder however, remember the last mission of Season of Arrivals where the Witness pulls you into that area with all the species worshiping a pyramid? All the species… except the Vex.

  21. Raids would be awesome if it wasn't for the very complicated puzzles that requires people talking and teaching people all the time, stealing the immersion of the content. It's close to IMPOSSIBLE to find people who want to immerse into the story while raiding. The thing is people play as if it was a sport, or just some random stuff. I wanna play to get immersed, to feel something, not just to kill time, while drinking mountain dew and eating doritos. That's why I quit cold turkey Raids in Destiny 2. So much potential if you could have matchmaking. We all could keep repeating until we get it like automated. But the nerds at Bungie need to make it elite content where middle aged and people who works 9 to 5 can't play, because it requires a lot of planning to do.

  22. I hope you’re wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised. Vex are probably my least fav enemy to fight, but their lore is also the most interesting… I don’t know I’m torn

  23. Y'know, What the hell was the Black heart in the first place?

  24. If we get a Vex Raid in a Cabal/Darkness themed DLC I will literally blow my brains out

  25. Great cut after that scuffed jump. We’ve all been there.

  26. I’ve just been waiting for the vex to be the next main antagonist after the light and dark saga ngl

  27. Did Myelin survive when he fell through the gap in the boss room in the Spire dungeon? Find out in the next epi- oh wait wrong franchise

  28. can we again, just once, get a raid that directly ties into the main story? I’m tired of completing the story just to find that the raid boss is a random character only mentioned in some random gauntlets lore tabs.

  29. I haven’t watched the whole video yet but I really hope that Bungie gives us a Cabal (Shadow Legion) raid, since they took the only 2 in Destiny history, out of the game

  30. I’m still waiting for a yearly expansion dealing with the vex, we have yet to have one yet 😭

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