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LEAKED Briar Skill Set – NEW Jungler – League of Legends

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  1. A Riot não tem mais o que inventar e tá relançando os champs. WW 2.0

  2. Well, if I were working at Riot and saw so many leaks, I would release all the gameplay trailers already. Making people uncertain is more dangerous than making them disappointed.

  3. W, E, Q, max W, max Q, max E, and get ult when available, right?

  4. so what the fuck is the point of the "torture device" in her model if it just breaks on the first W cast

  5. CC with armor shredding? Sounds balanced and not annoying af

  6. so her E is like Irelia's W… that you need to press and hold..

  7. I really hope that's not actually her kit it sounds so boring

  8. Holy shit I can’t wait to play Shalltear Bloodfallen but in league

  9. so her ult is a vex ult but much much stronger ?

  10. All her abilities are copied from other champions with some extra other stuff added, something tells me this "leak" is bs

  11. Damn so hwr feet arent an important mechanic??

  12. Only two dashes and one ms boost? I don't believe this is riot, must be fake

  13. The numbers will define this champion her kit seems strong but the numbers will define how strong she ll be

  14. Who’s ready for another 200 years 👀

  15. Honestly just sounds like warwick 2.0, like she has a fear a big chomp/bite, a chasing Tool, Lots of heals and the ult sounds similar too

  16. sounds like instead of a new champ we got a rework and reskin for warwick….i cant imagine this going over any better then the sona 2.0 drama from the past with saraphine

  17. oh cool, so I'm gonna play Tank support Briar. another off meta added to my collection

  18. Perai… Reworkaram o Warwick e ninguém me avisou?

  19. Looks like you can’t control her when you use w and ult. Her hunger gets too high and she can’t be controlled. You have to end by pressing w again or her e.

  20. We absolutely do not need more assassins that can one shot tanks.

  21. Últ sound like WW with Darius fear when it kills but in this case when is hits

  22. hot smart beautiful funny cute sexy femcel says:

    she seems unkillable gg

  23. How in the hell can be W leaving the pillory and E going back?
    What happens if you learn W first?
    Are you stuck until you level up?
    I think they swapped W recast and E active…

  24. My god it's literally JUST Warwick but a vampire.

  25. I see a stun, and a see a fear. People are gonna use her as a support off meta pick, and I'm all for it.

  26. what if she has like hunger bar instead of mana and her hunger increases passively and you have to kill a thing to lower that bar or you don't kill a thing and be able to use R or W?

  27. Seems like a champ that one rather enjoy or hate XD

  28. Sounds like my kind of champ. Feels like a Pantheon Warwick mix.

  29. 2022 – Seraphine as Sona 2.0
    2023 – Briar as Warwick 2.0

  30. But i need simple cute non humanoid champ like Chip from Legend of Runettera.

  31. stop leaking you guys cant wait for just THREE DAYS???? you ruining the surprise for all of us…. I guess can't blame anyone but riot for being an indie company.

  32. Take darius jax ww and vi then you get briar
    Ppl will hate in game
    I think I ll love playing her against bots for one month then in draft when she ll stop getting perma banned/picked

  33. Ah yes, she has to be better darius & warwick combined

  34. "new jungler"

    Play her on top lane

    "everyone loses there mind"

  35. warwick, now evolved to suck money off on players

  36. So passive is Darius/Ww Q is Darius W with gap close W is Ww/Rek'sai E is Ww and R is well WW with aatrox ult

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