KOREAN SERVER IS TERRIFIED OF THIS 1v9 VLAD *12 CS/MIN* - oramagamestudios.com


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  1. The item you're thinking of that got removed was spellbinder.

  2. 15:50 .. that was longer than expected i thought he would mention beating dopa in first 3

  3. 13:40 not only does he drop the rock, but when you die you give bounty to the enemy, so its more like dropping the rock + laying on the top of it too while 4 ppl try to carry you

  4. That rock analogy is a little hardcore “…the whole rock just kills them and crushes them…” 😂😂

  5. I asked for an ELITE500 on your Elise video 8 days ago. THANK YOU DREW!

  6. so annoying he is perma trash talking and insulting

  7. has to review that game where he ran it down enemies fountain with their nexus open

  8. Hey midbeast! a couple of things i picked up from watching him that i saw you were curious about
    1. the mejai's buy: synergizes really well with vlad wanting to stack ap and to never die so it's generally core, especially with how much experience he has on the champ. Keep in mind more ap = more healing on q so it's easier to stay alive. plus he likes it
    2. e max over r max: ult levels only give 100 damage, while e max gives better waveclear, 2 secs flat cooldown less, the 15-60 per level ends up dealing about same damage during an ult (only considering single damage) and keep in mind the e gets boosted by the ult's extra 10%, and lastly it also increases the slow which is always nice
    3. I'm pretty sure he never sells boots, the movement speed is just too good on vlad since without it he can't really do much otherwise (it's also why he pretty much always runs ghost, even over flash), plus the pen just adds so much damage, especially with night harvester, since he generally aims to deal as close to true damage with his build as possible

  9. Ayeeeee the Blood Lord is on Midbeast's radar. Nice!

  10. The thing about upgrading r, if its on cd why bother, u can almost always gather xp as vlad, if you were to see that mby a fight breaks out u level the r, depends 😀

  11. dunno I hate playing vs Vlad. Doesn't matter the champ, but I just get destroyed every time :/

  12. Spellbinder is the item you are forgetting about

  13. I feel like a lot of new vlads either hold w till they die or use it on nothing xd

  14. haha watched that match yesterday on Elites Channel haha XD

  15. euw is filled with vladimirs. strongest mid laner imo for diamond/master

  16. He lvl up E at 11 to one shot back line minions in 1 E

  17. Used to main vlad 10 years ago and got to diamond 3. Now I come back and my E gets block by the minions always pisses me off😡

  18. Mejais is there because its so efficient on vlad and if you cant 1 shot the enemies on vlad you are useless anyway

  19. Crazy, I just barely subbed to him about 2 weeks ago. Awesome to see you do a video on him now

  20. midbeast surprised at mejais second, imagine if he sees elite rush mejais first item lmao

  21. Vlad is fun af to play and combos feel good

  22. Do you ever actually upload your own gameplay? 😂

  23. Vlad is probably too good in the early game for how strong he is in the mid to late game. Ranged scaling resourceless champ with sustain tbh is always going to be surviving lane relatively well but that in itself is kinda fucked

  24. Bro you set us up “look at the map right now what do you see is wrong” “he has not lvl his ult”

  25. I wish that you could weave both your commentary and the player in analysis. It's super annoying hearing both voices talking at the same time. I want to hear what you have to say and your thought process but I also want to hear the players thought process if applicable.

  26. IMO Elite is one of the best solo queue mid laners in the world.

  27. Most of the time there is no late game in low elo so this playstyle would not work imo

  28. The video we all have been waiting for…I love when people think morello will counter vlad

  29. thank you for your daily upload, i can sleep now 🙂

  30. why is some guy talking to himself in the background like wtf, he is so mad this vlad is better than him i guess lmaooooooo

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