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I’ve had a lot of people request that I try out Vex so I’ve been testing her a bit recently! She feels pretty damn strong but we’ll see if I’m able to add her to my champ pool for Season 12 of not. Thanks for watching and catch you on stream in a bit! –

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Hey everyone! I’m Kelsie aka KayPea (KP), Red Bull Player and League of Legends Streamer and YouTuber. I main mid and my top 4 champions are Lux, Ahri, Neeko and Orianna. You’ll see a lot of them in my videos as well as the occasional dragon or baron steal :3 I have two cats named Ronin and Luna that also sometimes make guest appearances in my videos, as well as the families newest addition, my puppy Freya. On this channel you will find highlights and funny moments from my ranked games on stream as well as the very occasional Vlog. My social media links are below if you haven’t already followed me there. Thanks for watching! 🙂



  1. What is that sound effect for misses I keep seeing? Can't manage to find it. Curious.

  2. i lavvv this channel so much😭🖤

  3. i was waiting for the new video sooo much!!!!

  4. Missed all Qs but somehow still out damaged Syndra, “Balance~~~”

  5. Ngl, vex silhouette and walking animation makes me wanna play her, she's just too cute ❤️

  6. Nice vex show them that nor miss should die

  7. Eres la mejor y aparte eres hermosa😍😍😍

  8. VEX Q some times you don't know why it didn't hi, even it suppose to

  9. Kaypea playing vex for the first time

    Me seeing the k/da: are yah sure bout that

  10. Floating champ (syndra), hitbox is lower than her body, that's why it looks like most abilities are just going trough her 🙂

  11. I've mastered zyra support (most of them carry) with 89% rankeds winrate 11 / 13 matches and now i'm testing vex on support. Pretty cool if u have a good adc on lane. Peace 🙂

  12. Just me or is the frames in this video weird?

  13. Is it just me or is there always a “How did that miss” in every video 😂 at this point they should add a count for every time she says it

  14. vex is possibly the most aggressive champ I've seen kaypea play and I love it

  15. that lux support ulting your wave >:(

  16. Damn, talk about some hardcore counter picks. GA, Zil ult, Kallista ult all mess with her ult. I assume sion would do the same.

  17. Why's that sound who kaypea singed in first minute sound beautiful

  18. i sad for weeks play vex and she never did. now do you get it why?

  19. I don't think I've seen a worse Syndra….. everything it did was so questionable.

  20. plsss ….you cant zoom onto kaypea with that shitty webcam…. just looks so shit XD

  21. APC Vex as a Kalista counterpick sounds cancer

  22. Annoying that revive ultimates counter vex’s ult reset, I feel like it should still count

  23. It will be interesting to introduce your life in 1 video . From beggining to now😄

  24. Thisss Thickkkkk I mean dragon wings

  25. I do the same, vs 2 o 3 ppl im ok but as soon is 5v5 i have no idea wtf im doing 😀

  26. I so match love ahaaaa sound for miss skill's and graves sound like tobias xD cool video.

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