JUMPING BACK ON VEX! - Climb to Master | League of Legends - oramagamestudios.com

JUMPING BACK ON VEX! – Climb to Master | League of Legends

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We’re jumping back on Vex! Not played her in a while as I’ve felt like she’s fallen off a bit in recent months. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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JUMPING BACK ON VEX! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


  1. As of 3 months after thus video, I'm loving Vex.

  2. QOTD: I would like a healthy balance between educational and tryhard

  3. Finally she returns. And with ally Viego! I have a good feeling about this one

  4. 14:30 how was that not skillful? He basically used Leblanc’s burst and CC against Rumble damn near on a dime not anyone could have done that lol

  5. Vid 521 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  6. QOTD: grind to master and its ur honest choice huzzy if u wanna do a commentary just do it

  7. 20:20 yea but what is xayah supposed to do there? she cant even farm haha

  8. I know you don't rate lethality xayah because it is all about the feathers.. but isn't that kinda her thing? if you want only aa adc, then jinx is a better choice imo, but she is probably better anyways nowadays 😀

  9. Hello :3 to me atleast in your main account you should just focus on playing the game, if there is a match worth explaning in details you can always do a POV commentary

  10. I'm happy to see you in high ranking trying hard – we learn by watching you, not just listening to you.

  11. QOTD: I do not mind the absence of commentary, as I 'd love to see you hit master again honestly. However, That should NEVER come at the cost of your own enjoyment.

  12. First off I was eating pancakes when you said you’d really want flapjacks. Also I just like watching gameplay, doesn’t matter level of education

  13. It would be great if the smurf was more educational since there's no real educational league content creator

  14. To be fair I wouldn't want you to do any educational champion stuff because you don't play the Champs enough to know everything about them like the scaling item power spikes level power spikes ect ect. I would maybe suggest it as a overview of the champ rather than a guide if that makes sense

  15. QOTD: I would like to see you teach or give tips about macro play, what to do, what not to do in a game, who to follow if ahead or behind, in a fight your jungle vs their jungle according to your advantage in lane, and much more. My bf says I have a problem in my macro play. Tips would be good along with the gameplay😅

  16. if ur gonna do some educational stuff ,plan it out to bring a good foot forward to bring us stuff u love as well as what we want vis a vis educatioal

  17. QotD: in Kai sai inflection I came for the educational content. I stayed for the Huzzy.

  18. Don't really care about educational. Really your replays are the best place for educational stuff.

  19. Just tryhard. Most of your educational commentary is listening to you being tilted and blaming others.

  20. QOTD: Main account informative (as much as you can) – I enjoy the live commentary, but also really like when you tell chat you put music on and focus and then come back after the game and give insight. Also, I really, really, enjoy spectating the best players in the world and you commenting on the play.

    Enjoy all you do Huzz!

  21. I have been watching since you purple rengar logo and I think it's fine if you don't provide live commentary because that not what your YouTube videos rely on. Just put a voiceover on top of the gameplay.

  22. I want educational commentary but I also want to see you hit Master — so figure out the balance my brother!

  23. Just keep climbing huz. There are pov and smurf series for educational

  24. OTPs need to learn to dodge if they don't get their champ cause they're probably gonna lose anyway.

  25. I just enjoy watching your content. Though I am getting quite invested in your climb

  26. I really like your try hard. I think educational commentary would mess with that too much.

  27. Honestly I love playing & watching you play Vex. I used to play her a lot but I also feel like she's got weaker nowadays. I don't even think she got any buffs or nerfs. (just bug fixes)
    I feel like they need to make her passive (the thing that actually "counters" mobility) stronger and if necessary nerf her other abilities damage to compensate to make her really strong against dashing champs but even weaker vs long range.

    I feel like she doesn't really have the "anti-mobility" feel that she's supposed to have. I wish they'd slightly rework her to actually counter mobility more rather than a champ that just does slightly more damage against champions with dashes.

  28. QotD: I honestly like both. I like educational content but I also like seeing tryhard Huzzy getting master again.
    I think a good balance between both is great.
    I think doing mostly main account with the occasional smurf/educational video is pretty good.

  29. I feel like a twitch one trick may want to pick up Akshan on as a back up. Not the best in bot, but doable and he gets the stealth play style

  30. Try hard with the huzz account, go to educational with the Smurf!

  31. Huzzy: "See, thats the problem. Our fed Viego looses to the Rumble"
    Viego: "And I took that personally" 13:56

  32. It's perfectly fine not having full educational commentary, what I would enjoy would be just a few educational tidpits about abilities, items etc here or there when possible while the game is going slower. Obviously just as much as is doable in high rating while not making your performance suffer!

  33. QotD: I think it is okay for you to leave the educational content for the smurf series! I like to see you high rating, and to do that you have to focus on the game more.

  34. QOTD: Both for me are great. Love the fun side to the smurf and the tryhard of the main. Keep up the great work and get masters!

  35. QOTD: Grind hard on the main account, we want to see you succeed in your goals. Educational can be on your smurf if thats what you want

  36. As a Vex main, I would say that the thing you're not getting is that her passive is perfect if you know how to charge it rapidly combined with the E. Vex was totally designed to be used as a splitpusher with no tower cleaning power in BA, she can just clean a full lane of minions in a single second using her abilities the proper way, so it is just normal to play more defensively with laidback playstyle, more macro thinking and using your abilities and completely absurd damage when the trade win or the kill are sure things to happen. I think she's just not for your play style, but it was a great game still.

  37. QOTD: I enjoy the educational content only on the smurf series. I love watching the try hard climb, and appreciate your real emotions and commentary to game play. In terms of the educational content, items and item decision making would be awesome. There's so many different items, and with the gameplay being so item dependent, developing an understanding is super important.

  38. I'll watch you regardless. I like your commentary as is. Educational content should be on your smurf, but also fun content too. Like half half, but you do you!

  39. 5:45 I'm not an Ivern one trick exactly, but he's my favorite champion and I actually hate it when someone picks him on the enemy team and doesn't do well. Like, "you stole my pick just to besmirch Ivern's name like that?"

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