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Johnny vs. Vexx

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In today’s episode, I’m looking at Vexx for my next donation pick. Made during a time where Acclaim was in the middle making stupid business decisions, is Vexx a victim of circumstance, or a diamond in the rough?

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  1. I guess you can say this game is quite… VEXX-ing!

  2. I gasped when you pulled Singularity out of that box, Johnny.

    that game… that blasted game. the final game a truly legendary studio made before eventually being turned into yet another Call of Duty support studio that now has the distinction of being the first North American development studio to unionize after brutal attempts by Activision/Blizzard/King to break it down.

    If you want some history on Raven? Look to Shadowcaster, a game made with the help of a young and bright-eyed John Carmack. Heretic and Hexen, sister games to Doom that John Romero was working on in between stints of deathmatching and occasionally weighing in on Quake. How's about Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast, two of the most acclaimed Star Wars games this side of KOTOR? maybe you are jonesing for some RPG dungeon crawling action but need the spice of marvel? how's about X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Heck, they even made Quake 4 and the 7th console gen Wolfenstein game as a final show of solidarity with Id Software before… Singularity.

    By all accounts, I've heard it's a pretty fun if… very 7th console gen FPS game. the performance of Singularity is probably what cursed Raven to get swallowed by the Call of Duty machine, just being another support studio to prop up Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Let us mourn for their loss and celebrate their unionization with this next review, Johnny.


  4. Remember when you supported BLM burning down half the US over some career criminal

  5. Thanks for PlayStation two. Looks to be a back single time. Thanks for the VS review, Johnny.

  6. The title really leaves up to the game, cause it certainly looks "Vexing" to play.

  7. Acclaim? Unfinished story? Poor balancing?

    Yeah, this is a future "What Happened?" Episode.

  8. There reason the game feels so unfinished is because it is. Acclaim studios ran out of money and had to declare bankruptcy in the middle of development.
    It’s a real shame too; since even with how unfinished it is it’s still one of my favorite childhood games.

  9. A lot of much shittier games than this moved units back in the daytime, even with word of mouth there was no YouTube full of video reviews to get the word out en masse. I genuinely think Vexx's hideous/boxart turned people off.

  10. Vexx exists in a corner of my mind resurfacing now and then with vivid flashbacks of my 9 year old self playing, only to sink back into the void.

  11. So is Johnny gonna use borders when showing footage of standard definition games now? Because I'm not gonna lie. It's kinda distracting :/

  12. I've been waiting on this. Old game I got the pleasure of playing tbh. Very weird one though

  13. Of all the mascot games that end with the letter x (Gex, Chex), this is one of them

  14. I remember only playing the demo version on xbox.

  15. The plot of Vexx is literally, "Stand back Yabu, I'm Morbin'!" Sorry not sorry

  16. Oh, dude! Singularity! That game was the shit when I was a teenager!
    It’s a bargain bin dime-a-dozen FPS, but it was a cool bargain bin dime-a-dozen FPS!

  17. One of the problems that this game has is that they cut so much content out of this game and cut the budget so early, not to mention that that it had a different character design. My neighbor, and may He rest in peace, a lot of freelance video game industry jobs I first heard about this game through him and I got the Xbox version. And a game that you describe is a lot different than what we got

  18. Hey, John been a long time fan, I was wondering if you could ever do a Ratchet and clank vs I know u have a lot on your plate but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask
    God bless you brother

  19. Oh, I'm so looking forward to next time. I freaking love Singularity!

  20. Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum productions says:

    and game overs are obsolete?

  21. I'll always remember playing a demo for this game at Walmart

  22. I enjoyed this game on the Wii back in twenty ten. If the creator of this game would like a remaster / remake, why not just make s kick starter with the story and content Vexx should had? The fans / community would heavily support that practice.

  23. I'd give an arm and a leg to see Johnny review the Sly Cooper series.

  24. Please Johnny at some point in time take a look at the Jak and Daxter trilogy. The ps3 version that has all 3 games is the best port in my opinion.

  25. Alongside Orphen Scion of Sorcery and Tekken Tag Tournament one, this was one of the first PS2 games my bros and I have ever gotten. Unfortunately, this was also back before we have PS2 controllers which are required to play through the swimming segments using the analog sticks (we tried PS1 analog, it wouldn't work) so we couldn't get very far, but we have fun going through it. My personal favorite moments are fighting against the sumo and playing mini games against your inner demons (yes that's what those dark clones of Vexx are called).

    Also fun fact, this game actually had a sequel plan where (spoilers), it takes place after Vexx gets himself trapped in the dark realm and has to fight his way out and during his travels, he acquires new powers in the form of elemental spirits, JoJo/Persona/Orphen Scion of Sorcery style. Part of me wishes someone else would pick up the rights of this game and make either a remake or a sequel with this idea in mind.

  26. Oh! Singularity next…
    Interesting, I remember my brother used to own that game.

  27. I remember seeing this game on the back of a comic book one time, I was always disappointed that I couldn’t experience it for myself. Looks like I wasn’t missing much.

  28. I remembered renting this game from blockbuster. I was really young. Never got far, but i really loved it.

  29. YYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. It looks like there's a lot more to like about this game than I had heard of in the past.

  31. man love your content so much thanks for all the laughs and great videos!! looking forward to future projects Juan!!

  32. I saw this game in a demo once. It was such a flash in the pan I wasn't sure if I'd imagined it.

  33. i love singularity (even though you can see its big twist a mile away) also a game that went through a ton of changes during development. cant wait to see your take on it.

  34. You know the final boss is bad when neither nitrorad nor somecallmejohnny even bothered to beat it.

  35. Good to see someone play it.
    Egoraptor and his famous ADHD couldn't, though he played every rotten second of Sonic Boom

  36. Ah, the early 2000's. How I do–and often times do not–miss this era.

  37. The one time he doesn't do his COVID signoff, and he gets infected.

  38. I played Vexx back in the day on my Gamecube. Finished it to 99% , but I could NOT, for the love of god, beat that final boss. This is pretty much the only example of me ever giving up on a game.
    That last fight is so unneccessarily difficult.

  39. I remember playing this game on Xbox. You should do blinx and the time sweeper next

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