I'VE LEARNED HOW TO "BEAT" IRELIA! VEX! - Time to Tryhard | League of Legends - oramagamestudios.com

I’VE LEARNED HOW TO “BEAT” IRELIA! VEX! – Time to Tryhard | League of Legends

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So I dislike playing Vs Irelia as she just seems to be so hard to beat in lane to the point where it’s a free lane phase win for her BUT I feel from the last Vex Vs Irelia game I have learned how to deal with it so much better and you’ll see that in this match! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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I’VE LEARNED HOW TO “BEAT” IRELIA! VEX! – Time to Tryhard | League of Legends


  1. Aren't you better off using EQ to clear waves if you are going to use two different spells?You keep doing QW and take a longer time getting your Fear back by not using E to mark the minions.

  2. Huzzy your vid loaded for me 4 min off schedule, did something happen on your end Huzzy or is my uni wifi really that garbo…

  3. I love seeing irelia get beaten, it's just so satisfying watch them realize that they can't do the same busted stuff they always do.

  4. Lmao between the singed and vex they just arent allowed to dash

  5. I find it funny how people say irelia sucks in teamfights yet you see Her dominate team fights in this vid. I hope they nerf her cause she is just too damn over powered

  6. Complains about lee and others missing abilities yet misses everything himself yikes

  7. Algorithm boost – because you didn't sing this game . . . 🙁

  8. Every champ with CC beats Irelia. See yummi top

  9. Huzzy talking mad trash on Singed and then has Singed setting up play after play winning them the game lol

  10. anyone else notice his auto at 2:31 did 0 extra magic damage

  11. Singed spoon fed huzzah kills. Singed carried the game.

  12. 7:15 so funny lol, right as he gets done with his salt the vex with her perfectly timed voice line 😆

    I noticed after that just how talkative she is, wish every champ talked this much :/

  13. Here's one for all the ppl who want to FF when they start 0/3 in a silver/gold game. Never say DIE!

  14. Huzz, in order to beat Irelia, early in the game, you have to make sure you dodge the stun, and this is how you win even a melee match up against her.

  15. Dude I can’t get enough of the Vex content, she’s my new main and it’s so fun watching you play her !

  16. I played irelia for a bit, she is hard to play honestly. I get why people says that she is overpowered, but her combos are hard imo

  17. Huzzy going against Irelia
    30 mins of Huzzy complaining? Sign me up 🤣

  18. Vid 85 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  19. Huzzy. If you E the minion wave then Q, you get your passive stacks much quicker than by Q'ing alone also.

  20. 21:17 i agree about irelia being stupidly broken and easy. i got autofilled top lane as a marksman/mage only player, i locked in irelia (basically my first ever time playing a fighter), and as early as level 1 the enemy support is literally just laning with the enemy sett, rather than lane with the enemy adc (btw, somehow the enemy adc ends laning face 100 cs up to our adc, while also being 1/0/0, somehow getting a 1v2 kill without even dying), and the enemy jungler pitched a tent in my lane as well. and yet i still ended up doing pretty decent considering it was a 1v3 lane from level 1. 4/3/6 50k damage done to turrets (next highest was 8k), and i had so much pressure in a side lane that they had to send thier whole team the opposite side of the map from what my team were doing. so we got basically every drag, both heralds, and baron. i even managed to do the third most damage to champs in the game. and all i was doing that game was face rolling the keyboard xD irelia is just stupid.

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