IS VEX PLAYABLE? - Unranked to Diamond Nuzlocke | League of Legends -

IS VEX PLAYABLE? – Unranked to Diamond Nuzlocke | League of Legends

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IS VEX PLAYABLE? – Unranked to Diamond Nuzlocke | League of Legends


  1. Ayyy I used to hear that intro when I was in high school

  2. GAH here to watch LOL not hear singing 😛 lol
    Huzzy much love but dont quit your day job.

  3. Random champion dying as a penalty is best punishment imo, everything else is not a real punishment just a slight annoyance.

  4. Vex's damage is honestly pretty underwhelming compared to most ap mages in the game. Her burst is about the same as Lux and Lux is so much farther ranged.

  5. I guess champion doing anything that works is “OP” now if it’s a melee

    Half your kills against him where you tanking his whole combo and winning anyway and you insisting you were just better lol

  6. Per your singing, Huzz, I can think of no one less well-suited to West Virginia than you – and that's not a knock on you OR the great state of West Virginia . . .

  7. Fear in the backside= the sense of fear when you drop the soap in a prison shower

  8. I just love how Yuumi is a punching bag in these videos/streams xD

  9. Love the videos as always, best content creator with the best vibes.

  10. Vex seems pretty high risk / high reward as an all in champ.

  11. [07:5508:00] As an ADC Main, Jarvan actually offers quite a lot both in lane and outside of it, depending on what matchup you prefer in-lane. If he takes Summon Aery, his E gives a proc of the poke. This ability is easy to max, hard to dodge, and ensures that you can't be traded back. The D(E)macian Standard will also give the ADC Attackspeed, meaning that if he lands his QE combo, ever, you can force all ins quite well. He also has a very degenerate interaction with his W. It gives him free HP in the Shield and acts like a Lee Sin Cripple. If you can All-In with his point-and-click multiman knockup you can chunk out or kill the enemy ADC.

    Level 6, he provides the most dive of any Support. As a literal diver, he can Cataclysm (R) an ADC and chunk them out for 60% of their healthbar, trapping them for your All-In. It is literally undodgable without Flash, and you can force fights.

    Good game, though, Huzzy. The skill you display keeps your Champions alive!

  12. I pretty much play Vex whenever i'm against a melee champ with mobility. Against any ranged champion or against teams with many tanky champions I feel like she's not very good.

  13. I feel like the five game wins to revive a champ was to give more possibility of reviving champs lost due to trolls. so now that you aren’t losing champs if there’s a genuine troll I don’t see a reason to keep the rule of five wins in a row is a revive

  14. Did my like, did my comment. Now to watch the video. ^_^

  15. One thing I love about you Huz is bringing up Hunchback of Notre Dame songs in your games from time to time, but you kinda butchered Country Roads to be honest xd.

  16. I hate seeing vex in this state. She would be a great anti assassin if they gave her some love

  17. Oh I love that idea of yuumi as a penalty lol

  18. With the rules, I'd say you can't bring anything back until something dies. With you being a master smurf you shouldn't really lose that consistently, so I think letting you stack revives would make it too easy for you. At least until you get to a higher rank.

  19. Vex just got me to Platinum, so i'd say shes at least playable 🙂

  20. Hilarious because I love Country Road, dunno why you ppl don't, can't relate. But I have no clue about the other song you were singing before.

  21. Jarvan supp uses his E as poke. Put that with a cait and its pretty strong. He goes comet for more damage. His ult is good peel for the adc as well

  22. Is glacial mid dead or something I missed?

  23. Now I have that song in my head.. Damn it Huzz!!!

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