Is Vex a Good Bot Laner? | Doublelift -

Is Vex a Good Bot Laner? | Doublelift

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I played against a Vex Bot lane so you don’t have to.

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►Edited by kasinoz

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“What I’ve Waited For” by Vicetone


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  1. How does Jhin and even Ashe counter Cait?

  2. Thank you for uploading. Your content always brightens my day

  3. I like how the Vex of all people said "Nice Flash" at the end OMEGALUL

  4. Hey Mr. editor, i'm very high right now and I thought this video was amazing. I like how doublelift also kinda took us to school in that one very fine moment about wave management. Keep up the stellar work my lad! you're makin my nights with these. I tip my hat to you good sir!

  5. Editor killed it
    Clean gameplay double lift 👏🏽👏🏽

  6. The music edits were fuckin' hilarious. I was hoping it would start playing on every Vex death for the rest of the game.

  7. really liked the editing in this video, super funny

  8. Great editing! Any chance you could unblock the mini map next time? You did it a little bit when you made it larger! Great video!

  9. 6:30 maybe if Vex had a full combo it may be a kill with fear?

  10. มาๆ ไทยๆ มาทางนี้

  11. The Meteos edit had to be one of the funniest one this video

  12. That Morgana is who I want to be when I grow up.

  13. Why that build on Cait this video and las video was other build ?

  14. Crazy good ADC player and crazy good editor.

  15. The Goofy noise on the fail flash was prime content

  16. Probably didn't help that the vex was playing like dog shit.Like really?She had no mana but decided to commit to going in on you after hitting you with ult.Fucking smooth brain.

  17. This is how a corrupt lawyer would advertise an innocent vex if they wanted her in jail. Didn't show if Vex can bot or not at all.

  18. dude… watching Asyc play is making me giga jealous xD I know my gold ass dosent deserved a support like that but hell. it look awesome to play whit!

  19. DoubleLift, I just wanted to tell you how shit you are at this game and how happy I am you are no longer in the pro scene! Thank youuu

  20. Doublelift–how is it having a super sexy editor such as this?

  21. Just pretends he didnt fail his flash. It's like if I dont say I did it no one will notice lol

  22. I like how the thumbnail already answers the question

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