Irelia had over 10 deaths in this game versus my Vex | Challenger Vex | 12.1 -

Irelia had over 10 deaths in this game versus my Vex | Challenger Vex | 12.1

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  1. Thats cool but in my first yasuo game I went 1/24 Clearly not inting hard enough

  2. Thanks for the content ✨😔
    Always love to see a Vex game

  3. i genuinely forgot about chemdrake. i was happy

  4. Pekin, this is one of the videos of all time.

  5. anyone have a counter for how many cannons pekin missed?

  6. I know I always shove any thirty dollar bills I get up my ass

  7. I love that there were chatters saying jungle diff early game (in favor of rek'sai) of course rek'sai is going to have more lane presence early game. Look at how patience pans out for pekin though, his jungler popped off. Imagine having that weak of mental while watching someone else play the game….

  8. I'm kinda curious to know how renatas revive would have worked with chemdrake. Too bad we will never know, but either way I'm not complaining about them taking away chemdrake thats for sure!

  9. Idk but that spinning lucian made me laugh a lot

  10. One of the reasons why Vex probably isn't feeling as good on the new patch is the bug where your e does nothing if the opponent has gloom on them.

  11. Heya Pekin, recently I've been watching your content a lot and it has helped me immensely for improving my mid lane (I hit d2 not long ago, never got this far before so why stop now ;D) I have just 1 question, how come you can quick cast your spells but also aim them with the indicator sometimes? like in 18:18 you had the indicator for your ultimate, you use quick cast w indicator? Because that setting feels kinda clunky for me, unless I'm missing something here lol I hope I'm not asking for much 😅, and thanks for the awesome content my dude ^^

  12. Hey Pekin, just a little thing ofc, but Artesian Builds is no longer up and running, if you want to be affiliated with another PC brand, I would love if we can connect somehow!

  13. i just realized watching this vid that I have never had the chemtank soul yet, I play at least once or twice a day as well

  14. I think that "Artesian Builds" #ad in the bottem left is no longer needed my dude…

  15. I don't get why shadowflame gives all of its magic pen as a unique passive. Sure, the extra pen depending on if they have a shield or low max health should be the item passive, but it should give 10 flat magic pen that shows up in item stats and 0-10 more from the passive, instead of 10-20 from the passive.

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