Insanely Strong Dual Wield Build Baldur's Gate 3 -

Insanely Strong Dual Wield Build Baldur’s Gate 3

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In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we take a look at an insane dual wield fighter build that you can use for any character. This build does consistently high damage and melts everything.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a story-rich, party-based RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where your choices shape a tale of fellowship and betrayal, survival and sacrifice, and the lure of absolute power. ~Steam Store

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By The Talented @xXasdfMAN12Xx AKA: Sean Wolf
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  1. I see what you're going for, is good. I prefer dex rogue/ranger for two weapon builds, as it is less attribute and feat heavy, but this is a lot fun. I would make a point to wear the Grym helmet with this for hunter's mark since you do not have hunter's mark and that will add 4d6 damage a turn and you do not have another spell to take your concentration. I would also take trip attack in place of one of the other maneuvers, you gain advantage on every attack against a prone enemy and disarm attack cannot target an enemy without a weapon, so maybe instead of precise strike? I would rather have that strength bump over savage attacker earlier, taking savage attacker at 12, just for the +1 to hit, hitting 5% more often feels a bit more consistent.

    Now, with two-handers, the damage on any heavy weapon being used is either 1d12 or 2d6, but it is almost required to take the heavy weapon master feat. This adds a flat 10 to all damage rolls with a two handed weapon and a bonus action attack if you crit or kill an enemy, and you get a -5 penalty to attack rolls while it is active. This is actively what pushes the average damage o a two-hand build over a two-weapon build, with great weapon fighting style making it more consistent with rerolling 1s and 2s on the base 2d6.

    Crunching numbers using base non-magical weapons, not counting savage attacker or great weapon master boosting the average die roll by 1.2ish:
    2-weap (using flails, average d8 die roll is 4.5) – 38 bludgeoning damage across 4 attacks
    2-hands (using maul, average 2d6 die roll is 7) – 44 bludgeoning damage across 2 attacks

    Now the biggest difference is the two is spell and ability triggers, two weapon fighting can be absurd when paired with hex or hunter's mark, or with all the random small items that add a d4 or a flat 2 to damage rolls. Myrkulite flail boosts the average damage by 14, hunter's mark boosts the damage by 14, caustic ring boosts the damage by 8, the ring that gives a d4 psychic damage while concentrating (on hunter's mark) boosts the damage by 10, the flawed hellforged gauntlers boosts the damage by 10, and two handed only gets half the value of those boosts. for a total average damage of…

    2-weap – 94 average damage per round
    2-hands – 72 average damage per round

  2. Lets compare two characters with 18 in their dmg stat. Dual wield lvl 5 with two rapiers: (1d8+4)3 = 15-36
    Greatsword lvl 5 great weapon master:
    (1D10+4+10)2 = 30-48

    I'll trade -5 to hit and gain a bonus action for that damage up.

  3. I resent that I can't resist clicking on your builds based on the thumbnails 😅😅😅

  4. If you want to see how much this build slaps, fight Minthara, shes running a version of it… even though shes a dual weilding Paladin… not sure how thats possible

  5. Actually I use this build but I put 2 in ranger first with archery and took Medium Armour master and make my AC from Dex to +3 and took 10 to str and 17 dex to use fitness weapon and for hand crossbow. My AC is insane and plus my damage is also quite insane XD

  6. You can EASILY get extreme consistency on two-handed weapon builds as well. 2 Levels into Barbarian for Reckless Attack is all you need. It always grants advantage, even if it misses, and not only for itself, but all Attack Rolls. This means you can profit off of Great Weapon Master's bonus damage for nearly every attack, and sometimes even get another attack in if you either crit or kill an opponent. I'm at level 8 now, went 2 Barbarian and 6 Fighter(Battlemaster) on Karlach. Tutorial Sword is still rock solid and she doles out hits around the 30 mark. So her damage comes in somewhere between 60 to 90 per turn – this is without Action Surge or Haste from my Sorcerer.
    A good portion of this damage isn't even rolled, it just is there and that's that. Aaand furthermore, Great Weapon Fighting (Fighter lvl 1) makes rolling a 1 or 2 very unlikely.
    I also want to try out 3 Rogue(Thief) and 5 Fighter(Battlemaster) for a Dual Wield build, there have been some promising tests at level 7. But I honestly don't see that beating the damage a 2 Barb GWM build puts out.

  7. The Battle Master trait Precision, is the key to any melee build. It was glossed over in this video, but you will use it on nearly every attack. Precision increases your chance to hit by roughly 20%. You will want to activate Precision almost every time it is available. In otherwords, it will make playing melee 20% less frustrating ( works on bow attacks as well, maybe even spells?). Any RPG that has a chance to hit attribute, it will be one of if not the most important stat until you hit 100%.

  8. savage attacker is not as potent as it sounds, better to get your STR to 20 to get both better hit and a fixed +1 to damage.

  9. I think you are missing why 2Handers are loved more, it is not that the weapons do more damage, it is the Great Weapon Master feat, +10 damage means your lowest damage is much much higher. Same reason Sharpshooter is in every ranged build.

  10. A better build is Ranger/Gloom Stalker5, Rogue /Thief 7. The damage is insane.

  11. The problem with Two Weapon Fighting is that you are using up your Action AND Bonus Action to achieve less damage than a Two Hander with Great Weapon Master who doesn't use their Bonus Action. That free'd up Bonus Action is important for Jump, Rage, Great Weapon Master attack-on-kill, Frenzied Strike, Polearm Master attack, Enraged Throw, Haste Potions, etc.

  12. Yeah this build didn't change my mind. Of course if you already have a gwm in your party you probably don't want 2 so a dw melee wouldnt be a bad choice tho

  13. Having high dex does nothing for heavy armor wearers so if you wanna use heavy armor, keep dex at 10.
    Max light weapon die is 1d6, otherwise its 1d8. difference is minor. So if you wanna go full dex build you still can.

    If you gonna go for it, go all the way. Ask yourself, if you made a build for melee dmg, would it be better to spend your time getting in to melee so you can use your build to the fullest, or to stay at ranged? If you wanna fight at ranged, make a character that specialize in ranged. This guy got tons of strength, he could just pick something up and toss it if he can't get into melee this turn. like a great sword, or a javelin. Or an apple. idk. This would allow you to swap 16 dex in to con or wisdom. Wisdom is crazy good. Perception checks, survival checks and a ton of saving throws benefit from having it. Or you can put it all in charisma and be a main character for the party, saves you from always dragging Wyll around. xD

    Last two levels can easily be in barbarian. Rage + Advantage is always awesome!

    Still think a 2h build will smoke a DW build, feats and options are just better.. But who knows, if you find the right items they might make up for it. 😀

  14. With disarming you can get some sick loot early in the game. In Act 1 you can get the best weapon in the game from the dragon rider (by using invisibility and disarm). But on your vids your damage looks very low :-/

  15. Personally I'm playing it with Ranger 5 (Gloom), Rogue 5 (Thief), Fighter 2. Archery Style, Sharp Shooter and Crossbow Expert, making hand crossbows melee capable and deal insane amounts of damage in ranged and melee, every single turn. While having a big bonus attack every 1st turn in a battle and constantly only getting half damage from attacks.

  16. You wouldn't have a strong built idea for Illithid built, one that could feel lore friendly but also synergize really well with illithid powers for illithid playthrough?

  17. This is a cool idea. I think there are some ways to potentially optimize the damage a bit more/streamline it. I don't think it's going to compete with 2h weapons in terms of damage though. +10 flat damage added to each attack is just nuts and the -5 penalty is trivial to overcome. Even for a dual wield build, archery + sharpshooter + 2 hand crossbows is probably higher damage potential.

    Still, I like the idea of ac stacking with dual wielder and certainly items in the game. Plus dw is just fun.

  18. The gnoll boss attacking the cave drops a good 1h. Blue quality. Mind you if you don’t use it for a turn you go berserk and attack random targets, it is fun to use

  19. This in not a bad build by any means but there are defiantly faults in the logic. First the Rolling more dice, This is one reason great swords are the preferred 2h Weapon they roll 2d6 instead of 1d12. They will out roll DW and are also have 2 legendary item drops in game one which you can even get in act 1. Also the Flat +10 damage from great weapon master on every attack also put things away a head. This problem also only get worse with HASTE and action surge, Yes it adds 2 attacks for the DW but it also adds 2 more higher damage attack for the 2h user and As also mentioned at 11 the 2H will get a third attack for each action, making them have just as many attacks at a way higher base damage level. BG3 has defiantly managed to close the gap on DW slightly but it still lags behind.

  20. i think going ranger 5/rogue 4/ fighter 2 is a worthy consideration.

    ranger 1-5 still gets you TWF, heavy armor (ranger knight), dual wielder, and extra attack. plus hunter’s mark for an additional d6 and the Hunter’s Colossus Slayer for an additional d8 to each hit (if the target is below their hp max)

    level 6-10 you could either go fighter 2 for defense fighting style & action surge or rogue 3 for sneak attack & Thief’s Fast Hands. Rogue 3/Fighter 2 is probably the more favorable option cause i think having an additional bonus action all the time is more valuable than an additional action once per short rest.

    level 11-12 you can go rogue 4/fighter 3 for another feat and BM maneuvers, or you could dip 2 into paladin for divine smite.

    after your hunter’s mark setup round you go in and attack, extra attack, 2 bonus action attacks, then action surge for another attack and extra attack.

    if the stars align and everything hits, with base rapiers that’s 12d8 + 8d6 + 30 and that’s gross. if you add smites by taking pally, you’re probably not even gonna get every attack off before your enemy dies
    edit: colossus slayer only applies once per turn so only 7d8, not 12, but that’s still 7d8

  21. there are 2 finesse longswords in the game, and im still trying wrap my mind around that

  22. 5:50 this is exactly why phalar aluve is such a powerful support weapon it gives everyone an extra d4 on everything, hit something in its aoe with a high level cast of magic missle and watch stuff melt

  23. Why not drop dex to 10and then for initiative bumps use the 18 dex gloves for instance?
    The easy access to misty step through items or spells/class actions makes up for the lack of having ranged, you could also just use the returning spear, or, even more devastating, the insane returning trident from act 3 for ranged for nice results.

  24. So with that ring and those gloves, you basically go for an "on-hit" build. But then why not going Thief 3/Monk 6 for those 7 attacks per turn?

  25. Dwarven Thrower duplixated, if that is even a thing anymore. As a dwarf it inflicts 2d8+2, and 3d8+2 vs large, huge, and garguantuan.

    Duergar dwarf, and the most recentpatch also buffed poison saves. If a dwarf saves on poison now they gain immunity for 2 rounds. Enlarge also adds +1d4 damage to both weapons.

  26. This build isn't bad BUT there's a few reason why people don't play duel wielding in BG3.

    1. You already mentioned: you can do the same at range with hand crossbows with WAY less investment and delayed growth. It is just the superior way of fighting for ANY dex based character that isn't primarily a monk especially since you'll take Sharpshooter instead of Dual Wielder.

    2. Great Weapon Master: which completely demolishes your comparison of Dual Wielding vs Two Handing for typical armoured melee characters.

    3. Tavern Brawler: which makes any character built around it have more attacks that also hit harder compared to any Dual Wielding build.

  27. I love Precision Attack, Advantage on attack rolls is the way to go. — Also Fighter lvl 11 with haste is 6 attacks with a 2 hander… so…

  28. using heavy armor and have 16 dex is a waste of stats

  29. The question you have to ask yourself: Will this build do more damage than your standart fighter lvl 11 (with 3 attacks) with 2handed sword and GWM?
    They answer is most likely – no.
    Don't forget that fighter with GWM can use his bonus action to make extra attack quite consistently.
    You gotta come up with some something competetive to the most standard and easy build that is available.

  30. 4 levels in rogue for only an extra attack, Can't use the sneak damage due to finesse not being used. Seems like a huge waste of levels

  31. I tried my best to make dual wield work, dual wielding two legendary Orin daggers wth vulnerability buff, Astarion ascendant buff etc but given that offhand atk costs a bonus action it’s not worth the investment. After trying monk /thief TB build it is far superior with double the mobility and damage (300+ dmg per turn), one monk bonus action already hits twice + CC. Wish LARIAN will make it so offhand swing don’t cost a BA (even if a feat will need to be invested)

  32. As a gloomstalker ranger lvl 6 and 2 in fighter at moonrise towers i took thorm down by myself with 5 attacks in the opening round with a bow on normal difficulty.After that im on two attacks per round ,i could take duel wield crossbows but i like bow and i duel wield with swords .

  33. I like how dual-wielders and greatweapon fighters debate in the comments 🙂

    As a person who plays two-handed sword, while my friend plays dual-wield in the same party (we play coop together) I can say:

    The main differentiator here would be the purpose of the build and weapons that you can find in the game. For example:
    1) My friend plays SHATTERED FLAIL as main weapon + KNIFE OF THE UNDERMOUNTAIN KING as off-hand. What if does: main weapon heals like crazy (6 hp per turn with amulet that maximizes your heal), second weapon gives you crit on 19 or 20 attack roll on BOTH weapons. This is unkillable machine, truly. Never seen her on the ground in 80 hours of gameplay. With superiority dices outputs 80-140 dmg per turn with action surge + gathers all enemies around. And then!!
    2) I play two-handed sword Jorgoral Greatsword – 2d6 + 1, BUT it gives you relatively big 6m rectangle AOE once per short rest. This means, with greatweapon mastery, I can apply bonus +10 damage to every enemy hit. (Same goes for cleave) If you hit 5 enemies with AOE – +50 damage from greatweapon master. + you get to apply your smites if you are paladin. Second swing I do is cleave, resulting in at least 2 dead enemies. The catch is – you have to have bless or advatnage in order to land those hits. (that is why I carry supports with me 🙂 )

    After that combo it does not matter who gives more dmg, since enemies are 1 hit from death usually. (We also have sorceres that casts double haste on both of us 🙂 ))

    The point is: two-handed and dual-wield serve different purposes. It is not entirely correct to compare them. If you want just single target damage – the dual-wield will win due to -5 attack roll on great weapon mastery, if you hit compare the damage for at least 20 turns in total.

  34. similar to what i played in my second play through, dual wielding while it is statistically weaker then 2H builds but still shreds through the game, its a fun play style if your looking for something different and fun to play and not following meta builds for second or third play through's which is whats great about this game is that everything is viable if you build for it sure things are better then others but nothing feels bad to the point of unplayable so for anyone that wants to enjoy the fantasy of DW go for it just ignore people whining about it not being stronger the 2h or monk builds and just have fun thats the point of the game

  35. Want to know how to do a REALLY broken build? Do this but with multiple Steel Watcher Greatswords and hill giant gloves. You can load a save then immediately replace a weapon with SW greatsword. They don't have one handed tag. You can get their weapons with disarming attacks. The HG gloves give you 23 strength and you can get them from House of Hope. The only downside is you have to keep your inventory to the bare minimum to not be encumbered since each sword weighs 100kg. The best part is Larian didn't put the "2 hand" tag on Steel Watcher weapons despite them clearly being greatswords so dual wielding is possible.

    You can put the points in dex on a respec once you get the strength gloves and amulut of health that puts constitution and strength at 23 and be a melee powerhouse. Or you can put Baldur's Greatsword in one hand for the extra attacks since it scales with strength too.

  36. OK, this is how you do this build correctly for the most dmg . There are ways to increase your dex even higher through gameplay and gear choices. and with gear choices the build will change a lot depending on what you go with. which is the best way to go though. BUT that would take a lot of explaining so i'll keep it as simple as can be. This is mainly for act 1&2

    str 8
    dex 16
    con 14
    int 10
    wiz 16
    char 10

    lvl 2 (Ranger 2) you want to pick 2 weapon fighting
    lvl 3 (Ranger 3) you want to take Hunter as your sub class w Colossal as your preferred enemy
    lvl 4 (Ranger 4)take Sharp Shooter Feat
    lvl 5 (Rogue 1) switch to Rogue
    lvl 7 (Rogue 3) take Thief sub class
    lvl 8 (Rogue 4) take Ability Improvement +2 to Dex (18 in total)
    lvl 12(Rogue 8) take Ability Improvement again with +2 to Dex (20 in total)

    The main items you want are (2) +1 handbows, and the best daggers you can find. This early in the game there aren't anything crazy OP so i wouldn't worry about it too much. The shock boots and cloak from act 1 are what makes this so good. building shock charges which give +1 to attack and damage rolls for every attack is huge! after this i'd just add anything to gives more +1d4 to attack damage rolls. ea rings. If you guys want, i will break down everything a little more in-depth and/or share my act 3 build and how to do over 200 dmg in 1 round with this build.

  37. The flail from the Gnoll fliend gives you crazy sustained health, especially while hasted, in this build.

  38. You're reasoning for strength over dex is flawed. Dual dex weapons are literally the same damage die

  39. 2 handed Githyanki captain sword does 3d6 damage (minor shapeshift into a githyanki) plus the helldusk gloves means base damage is 4d6 per swing with 3 attacks at level 11 warrior. In addition -5 to hit and + 10 to damage from great weapon master smokes dual wield

  40. You dont actively use sneak attack. Its applied everytime you have an advantage over an enemy using a finesseweapon. Using the sneakattackbutton does nothing more than use the jumping shot animation instead

  41. The problem is that there are very few of these dominance dice per round, especially for the Tactical difficulty, it feels unbalanced and the same story with Monk's Ki.
    Only a few classes can fully complete the game in solo, and this is very sad.
    Larian was able to cram a bunch of rubbish into the game and failed to strike a balance.
    For example, if you are a ranger, then your profession should lead you to mastery itself, you must pass checks to find the equipment you need under certain conditions, and the class must have a passive feature for +1 or +2 to the firing range, and also in the world must be gear with +1 range, but that's all there is, instead there is an absolute standard of universal garbage that every class rushes to acquire, contrary to RPG logic. The result is multi-classes without any role, extremely boring cripples with multi-attacks, who have no even a hint of uniqueness!
    Items with a stat such as +17 Intelligence or Elixir of Hill Giant Strength before a long rest are a crutch, a shame!

  42. OR, go full dex, take Sharpshooter instead of savage attacker, and just use the hand crossbows. Then you can still do all the attacks every turn, but you can pump numbers and sneak attack.
    If you're concerned about being viable in Melee, take crossbow expert. But NO 1 handed weapon options, are going to outperform a 2 hander with Great Weapon Master OR a bow build with Sharpshooter. If you only ever use crossbow, you can slot the club of hill giant strenght, and a shield to swap to when you get crowded by enemies, so you have better AC / carry weight.

  43. If you want to sneak attack with melee find the singing longsword in the underdark.

  44. OMG Came looking for dual wield builds and of course its a FireSpark video I found. Been following you since the old Conan Exiles days!

  45. It's not insanely strong, no dual wield is insanely strong.

  46. I have 2 1hand crossbows with shooter and additional dex (total 20)
    Pathfinder (tracker) lvl 5 (gives you 1 more shot) and rouge (assasin) lvl 3 for critical strikes
    I buff my self on start of fight with boost concentration from my wizard (+1 move)

    In total we have 7 shots
    1 crit on normal target (not super duper defendet boss with 1.000.000 abilitys) deals ~49 dmg + i have ring, which gives you 100% critical strike if you already made critical DMG, so in total you have 2 crits on 100 HP in 1st two shots
    After you still have 5 shots
    1st hand dagger and second hand shield (armour from mountain pass trader gives you additional defense from your DEX so in total we will have 22)
    Best build for my self

  47. Nah, just go with max Dex and Wisdom and use gloves or potions for strength.

  48. Duel wield crossbow is busted thanks to sharpshooter perk. Melee wise Dual wield falls behind since it lacks a GWM/Sharshooter feat for the +10 damage. Melee weapons rely on weapon synergy that add on hit dice roll effects to make up for missing the perk. Thematically its pretty cool, but i wouldnt say you can outdps someone with GWM all things being equal. i didn't run the DPR numbers but take the same multiclass and give them a 2hander with GWM it would do better. im not saying it would blow it out the water, but there is a reason why GWM/2hander is the meta build and the build comes online at level 5 without any special items. showcasing a build that only is viable with very specific on hit items is not a good look. Using that logic thats like showcasing a build using act 3 items and claiming its OP. yeah, you are almost done with the game and are using end game items

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