I keep winning with Vex in Challenger... I don't know what is happening | Challenger Vex | 11.19 - oramagamestudios.com

I keep winning with Vex in Challenger… I don’t know what is happening | Challenger Vex | 11.19

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luck or strong i dont know

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  1. Why does he go liandrys instead of ludens?

  2. So… thus this means she’s not as weak as ya thought?

  3. i think Vex just fit your play style Pekin more than you know . its a simple champ and you have amazing fundamentals . what am trying to say is – play her as simple as you can dont go for flashy playes and your good to go . we cant all be like Pekin but hey lets not stop dreaming 🙂

  4. Careful Pekin, Riot is watching *cough yes she doesn't feel that strong I agree, yes

  5. >Plays for late game
    >Game lasts 17 minutes
    Seems legit.

  6. the character progression in these video titles 👹

  7. I feel like vex as of right now is super good cause people dont fully understand their limits when fighting vex. Because shes new people just dont know when they can win fights or how to always counter

  8. I’m sorry but we need to stop acting like Vex is “weak”. She is way too versatile; a poke mage and assassin, with self peel and cc.

  9. You're good. Even if Vex isn't strong your game sense and abilities shine through 100%

  10. Pekingese – "This champion is trash"
    Also pekin –

  11. i loved the moment at 8:55 when you went into the bushes to trick seraphine. Idk maybe its cause vex is so cute but like… it just seemed extra funny and cute. like hide and seek lmao

  12. Did Pekin play Skarner mid? No.

    Lose Streak: 30

  13. I wonder if pekin is actually enjoying to play vex? because personally Im in love, finally a mage again
    Although I have to get used to midlane again, played too much adc…

  14. people still don't know how to play against her, and Pekin knowing she's weak just makes it easier to play around her limited strengths. Especially since she was nerfed, most people seem to really disrespect her.
    Her WR is slowly dropping every day

    Also, remember that Pekin is just generally better than your average bought/boosted acc…

  15. I use relentless hunter and it feels like a big deal

  16. To begin with, that seraphin shouldn't be mid, she's giving u pretty much free scaling, which is why ppl play vex mid, cause its skillless poke and farm lane with vex , same as supp, vex shouldn't even be a laner but ok.

  17. Seems like at the death at 14:44 you took sera q dmg and tower shot at almost the same time. I thought it was weird too at first.

  18. please stop pekin you’re gonna get her nerfed

  19. Day 28: asking for mid Seraphine commentary

  20. Reason why she doesn't feel that strong is simple.
    Unlike Zoe who can snipe a backline ADC or Support with a oneshot from behind the wall and be completely safe. Vex has to be pretty in there, like Ahri range, except unlike Ahri, vex doesn't have an easy escape button. 90% of my deaths on Vex are from ulting into bad situations, or my team not following up when I disorient and delete their backline.
    Vex isn't a 1v1 dueler, which is why people have the immediate impression that she isn't strong. If the opponent knows her kit and how to deal with it, it's very hard for Vex to 1v1, her Q is super telegraphed, Her R looks slower than a Sion R and her E may as well announce it's arrival. Vex lives off of team fights, when enemies are distracted trying to dodge 4 other abilities and don't notice her E laughing at the Fear they're about to experience or the R creeping out of the fog of war to slap the full health Soraka into oblivion.

    I think Pekin keeps winning with her because despite her simplicity, or because of it, she plays really well in higher ranks, where teams actually work together, know how to peel for their squishy teammates and don't often pick completely bonkers team comps like 3 ADCs or 5 melee champs. Down here in the dumps of gold, people have pretty much abandoned her as swiftly as she arrived because they realized they can't carry with her, she can't walk into a 1v4 and just win because her kit allows her to. She uses her abilities, kills 1 and that's it, now she has to play around her Q and the occasional E to fight off the other 3.
    Akshan walks into a 1v4, uses a Q that hits like a truck and comes back to hit like a second truck, applying his passive which he consumes with a quick 1-2 auto because his auto can hit twice for some reason, gains a shield and movement speed. All that from pressing Q and clicking once. Meanwhile Vex walks up, presses Q, it deals damage….. and that's it. Oh sometimes it's fears, but only every 25->16 seconds. She can E then Q to do more damage. And she can W for a shield.

    But with the right team, or just a competent team, that Fear can save lives, win fights and win games. Unfortunately for me, the right team is rarely in Gold, though I've been doing decent. And when you're in Challenger, im sure she can feel like freelo with how easy it is to just do well. She's a very "press button" kind of champ, you only need to know when your next ability will fear and that's it, the rest of your focus can remain on the rest of the game. Akshan over here chasing bounties trying to revive his team while also making sure to stealth and stay near walls, know when and how to Q an enemy whose 4 miles away, ult an enemy in the open so they can't hide behind the nearest rock to block his entire ult and all while calculating the trajectory of his E so he doesn't smash into a wall and end it early but also when and how to end it at the right time to deal the most damage to a fleeing opponent.

  21. Donde B sori forten mitä minä tehdä Grace ai Race

  22. 6:25 @pekinwoof is there any reason you aren't looking to do a dive from r->w?

  23. Pekin:" Vex is so weak and not viable in high elo"
    Also Pekin: *regularly pops off and goes on a winstreak with Vex in Challenger

  24. i don’t want or mean to be offensive but i really cant believe how this particular match is a standard challenger match. Fiora says she can’t “figure out” Vex.. what?; There are more than one opportunity to keep autoing the seraphine for more and potentially getting a dark harvest; and there could potentially be a clean save for kayn against the enemy Support at enemy red buff there with ult and could easily poke down and ward to reevaluate without having to 1 trade 1. And the send enemy tower at bot lane clearly was a tower shot and minions that killed Vex. Liandry and the dark seal basically didnt do much in this game also, dark harvest wasnt proc’d much either.

  25. Thank you for giving me a video to fall asleep to every night Pekín! Enjoy the ad revenue. I always have to rewatch XD

  26. He keeps saying dont play vex shes weak long cooldowns bad dmg but he keeps winning smh

  27. oh i get it now
    he's actually using the reverse mentality here
    deep down he thinks vex is op, but he wants to play her so what to do?
    if he start saying she's broken, it'll contribute to the nerfing so he took the "i don't get her" route
    smart move Pekin

  28. I love watching your vex games they’re so fun!

  29. Don't wanna be negative but maybe you keep winning coz your judgement was flawed and she is in fact not weak but really strong

  30. "I can't believe they nerfed Vex!"
    "I keep winning with Vex!"

  31. I can’t believe you think she’s weak tbh, she straight up feels like a very strong champion

  32. Ive never had problems with my ping, but I have noticed you in YT and streams talk about unstable ping and mine has been doing the same. What is weird is it will go from 20 to 50 and i can't move, but in the past i have been on different servers with 120 ping and i could still manage. Something is happening with their servers…

  33. you could tell how much anger Pekin was keeping at bay when the FB happened.

  34. Vex wins against all the current meta champs which is why pekin gets to smash all the challengers on stream. It kinda forces mage vs mage gameplay, but Pekin has crazy good safe fundamentals with good decision making so it fits his playstyle very well, hence, the winstreaks.

  35. I really think u should still take taste of blood over cheapshot, it has alot of value thrue early gamestages and gives u some sustain in lane, rather than the extra damage from cheapshot… it allows u to go for passive autos almost free, and i think the value is greater than cheapshot.

  36. I think it's just you that's strong Pekin.

  37. I love playing support as her. The first 3 games S+, S+, S (then a B+ but that was vs Mundo adc, so it doesnt count XD)

  38. Most times Vex loses but if people play these terrible of midlaners such as seraphine in challenger then of course you'll win

  39. Pekin, what do u usually ban?

  40. Why is vex considered weak? I feel its because thats what everyone said during PBE/first day and have just gone along with it, as far as I can see her W is a point and click fear, and she can oneshot backline minions at lvl 7 WITHOUT buying any amp tomes or AP items, mana costs are low, ulti reset.. I don't know enough about her as i'm really not interested but i'm sure there is more broken shit in her kit

  41. i love how the Rakan is called Feather Daddy

  42. What runes do you run on vex besides dark harvest ?

  43. It’s not that vex is op it’s that most people who play her have an above average understanding on the match up they face 🙂

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