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In today’s video we discuss All of the Current known Datamined and Leaked Details for Season of Plunder, Season 19 and Lightfall including the new Season 18 Live Event, Season 19 Story, New Darkness Subclass and Lightfall Details!


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  1. Bungie's probably just going to auto complete the event for you PVE players that suck at PVE

  2. Since the first time I saw the Monte Carlo I've wanted to use the bayonet same with red death.

  3. Leaks are leaks, data mine with leak? That’s more credible always

  4. Huh. Interesting.

    First she's an enemy, but then we meet her on neutral ground to discuss a common threat, and now we seem to have an uneasy alliance being forged as Eramis saves one of our own.

    Gives me some serious Season of the Chosen vibes.

  5. Next season is a new dungeon. Then Lightfall season is a new raid because it's a Major Expansion. Then a new dungeon. Then Wrath of the Machine. Then a new Dungeon

  6. Bungie already confirmed STRAND is a never before seen or used energy in the entirety of the universe… So I doubt the new race will help us use it if they've never seen it either. 🤷🏻

  7. Bungie has already confirmed that the reprised the raid is happening next year, the new friendly race are called Cloudstriders, and they showed us strand and sayed we discover it ourselves, it is unique to us.

  8. Monte carlo glaive option along with punchy titans already aping??yes😈😈

  9. He says strand gets taught to us but in the reveal stream they said it’s the first subclass we discover on our own?

  10. You can probably trust everything he has said about this season as everything has been datamined and makes sense.
    However, there will be no raid in season 19. No wrath just a dungeon. Look in the store at the dungeon key which clearly states 2 dungeons throughout the witch queen saga.
    Also, during the reveal stream the devs clearly stated that strand is something our guardian will learn for themselves and will be assisted by the people (not viel) of Neptune. You can also speculate that exo stranger, eris morn and drifter will help us master this power as they did this with stasis.

  11. He wont wake up till half way through the next season or at the end of next season in time for lightfall

  12. Dang that mech armor literally only looks good for titan, like I’m sorry but that hunter and warlock are straight BOOTY, probably won’t even buy any, wish we had monster 2.0 :’(

  13. Season 19 is confirmed to be a Dungeon. Not a reprised raid RIGHT after we just got one.

  14. Yeah I'd duno if I want to play d2 during festival of the lost the armors compared to monsters should have won in my opinon, just dont think festival is gonna be worth it

  15. The meme masks like bread and blueberry are cringe.

  16. At this stage if an in game lfg is what's stopping you from raiding that is a cope. There's no excuse this many years in to the franchise for not knowing how to get in a raid.

  17. Nobody wanted those damn mech suits lol.

  18. Is Season 19 going to be before Lightfall or during?

  19. I really do hope our alliance with Eramis lasts. I've always liked her as a character.

  20. Spoilers don't bother me seeing as Bungie waits till last minute to show anything but still wants you to pre order their bs.

  21. Nazerec is not the first disciple of the witness. Rhulk is, it's in his name in the raid

  22. There are some things in this leak that we already know are wrong. There will be no “veil” race, at least not on Neptune. Our Allie’s on Neomuna will be called Cloudstriders. And Bungie already said that no one is going to teach us about strand. They said specifically that strand will be a new power that’s never been used by anyone before.

  23. Lgf is hit or miss, you get a lot of elitist people who only want the best players, but for the most part I run into friendly and helpful people. I wish there was more patience in lfg though

  24. Why are people uploading this to spoil it for everyone else

  25. Nezarec was NOT the first Disciple of the Witness. Rhulk gave Nezarec the Glaive which was found inside the Lunar Pyramid. Rhulk was already around…

  26. Gunna be mega-sad if when Osiris wakes up it's nezarec in his body and we learn Osiris really is gone. 🙁

  27. Rhulks name is literally THE FIRST DISCIPLE, it's not nezarec who is the first

  28. "Whinny" is pronounced "winny", not "whiney".

  29. Can you explain a little more on the veil. You said they gonna be allies to us. So they not gonna be a darkness race?

  30. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but only until my enemy is dead

  31. also raid groups ya no they'll kick you instant when they find out you haven't even done a raid or if your power lvl is low. like that's b.s help other out

  32. How can a race called the veil teach us how to use Strand when it's already been established that no one in the history of Destiny has used strand before and we discover it on our own?

  33. Awesome video. I’d like to point out that The Strand is something that no one, no creature or entity has ever created before. So it’s highly unlikely that the human’s we encounter on Neptune will “teach” us how to create/ use Strand.

  34. Nobody is teaching us strand bungie has explicitly stated during the reveal for lightfall that we discover and learn the powers all on our own because nobody in the entire universe has discovered strand or even knows of it’s existence

  35. I really like the Monte Carlo idea. It’s a great way to make the gun a bit better and maybe put into the meta whenever comes out.

  36. The chase weapons just…aren’t for me more often than not.

    Like remember the Buzzard? Wtf was that noise.

    I don’t like snipers, or sidearms. Give me a kinetic/stasis aggressive 4 burst pulse rifle that is basically the blast furnace, or a kinetic/stasis omalon hand cannon that looks like the imcet 4.

  37. Good video. The background music sounds like a Latin song like if I’m about to dance some salsa or merengue

  38. Festival of the lost should be the 18th not the 9th but I could be wrong.

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