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Low ELO can pretty much be summed up to this.

00:00 Practice Tool Drill
04:06 Game Starts

Iron Nocturne Jungle NA


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  1. I just made the realization that me and NEACE have the same chair. That's how I know I'm gonna win more games.

  2. He should stridebreaker right after he ults, then qwe or wqeSo they're all slowed and can't get distance inbetween him while he hits all his stuff.

  3. nobody wants to talk about the intro content when they flame neace

  4. I use "P" to open and close the shop I'm not sure why he always says press escape.

  5. New jg item (pet) gonna be a whole mess for the new junglers.

  6. 38:35

    "I waited for him to–"

    "Yeeeaah. Yeah. Let's press B"

    That was funny

  7. Super typical low elo game.
    Not capitalizing on the advantages and taking soooo long to end

  8. anyone wana duo add me spam ping m333

  9. Make a fresh account and be good. Skip low elo. Went from b4 to g5 in 26 games.

    Once you're in Smurf que you're all set to go. Just keep playing good. MMR will be juiced.

  10. Dunno if this is a girl or a little Indian boy but damn they were pretty good!

  11. This client actually listen really well. It’s rare to see a low elo student intake all this info live. Props to her.

  12. She is VERY coachable and a very fast learner. I'm gonna try to learn nocturne for all those autofills.

  13. Pings are critical to victory and also snap your teammates out of their tunnel vision

  14. Isn't power farming and getting huge for all rolls except support?

  15. Go to dragon dragon dragon dragondragondragondragondragon 😂

  16. Stop telling people to go ignite on Nocturne

  17. Neace, it doesn't seem like you know this, but when you have your jungle item/passive you heal mana up when in the jungle/river. this would've been very useful in so many spots this game(whenever you are waiting around, you should be waiting in the jungle)

  18. you're playing a racing game. leveling with the mouse is taking your hands off the wheel to use both hands to change gears. its dangerous and unnecessary. Imagine only having the two hand shift option. Imagine participating in a race this way, much less winning one..

  19. Lol I didn't even know you could open the shop from clicking your gold.

  20. Neace, in one of your streams you said subscribers get access to additional content not available for free. On which platform were you referring to? Is that twitch?

  21. The best place to practice cutting the towers is in vs ai. Since the range indicators are on and there is no jungler it's safe to practice even if you're not huge. Make sure you pay attention to which pixels are actually safe though, it can be easy to forget after the indicator is gone. Beginner ai in particular works well for practicing this kind of sequencing, because your team is usually all bots too

  22. what are those chapters tho, the entire video is "game starts" xD

  23. its honestly sad that a player like this actually needs a coach like Neace to win a game.. maining noc but not knowing what your spell shield does or how to use it.. throwing fear on a champ then running outside of fear range.. watching this player's natural gameplay when Neace isnt telling her what to do. Holy crap man I know im not great being hardstuck gold but good lord man is this hard to watch

  24. Yo neace, I’ve been finding success with this noc build. Typically it’s a Bork rush, the. Depending on their team comp I’ll usually go into cleaver afterwards or shieldbow. It’s all situational after these three items. take ignite of course but with Bork I don’t feel like strikebreaker is necessary.

  25. Is it wrong of me not to use ctrl to lvl up tho.. i kind a shifted it into alt+ q,w,e,r..

    Since my i can lvl up with my thumb.. but not with my pinky finger..

  26. What the FUCK you can cast Nocturne ult by clicking on the map?

    This student taught me new tech.

  27. This client did NOT use Stridebreaker to farm, and it was KILLING me to watch!

  28. Haven’t been playing lol that regularly since like 3 years ago and still the tank meta? Lmao

  29. I'd grab Maw after the death's dance. Most of their team is AP and lifeline is always nice.

  30. I am a fan of Neace and love his content but its funny how much nicer Neace is to girls than guys. If this was a guy he would 100% be yelling do what I tell you.

  31. Day 99 of convincing Neace he is a Teemo one trick

  32. this is the hardest ive seen neace push a client and I really think it was the best ive seen for someone who struggles with priority. The best thing you can learn when you've got a kill is how to leverage that, and this was accurately depicted here.

  33. I followed this direction to a t minus getting herald early on and carried the shit out of a 1/11 bot lane. This is the tits.

  34. Why would we want to hit w? Should we not save it for cc?

  35. Quit scrolling the comments and hit that subscribe button!

  36. I finally got some hardware that's worth a damn again, so all of these videos will finally help with more than just wild rift. Kinda stoked ngl.

    165fps ultra league is smexy

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